The Writing Center

The San Juan College Writing Center is staffed with trained student and professional tutors. Our Writing Tutors are here to assist you with any writing need whether it is brainstorming an idea, polishing your paper, or documenting your sources.

Writing Tutor helping a student in the San Juan College Library

We encourage you to come to the Writing Center with lots of questions as well as your class syllabi, previous drafts and any notes from your teacher.  This way we can better help you get what you need out of the tutoring session. Don't worry, visiting the Writing Center doesn't not reflect your writing capabilities. Instead, it show us how dedicated you are at improving your writing skills.

Our Writing Center also has many resources to help you with your classes which include:

  • relevant and useful handouts and writing tips
  • writing prompts
  • computers for use with tutoring
  • current textbooks
  • current style manuals (MLA, APA, Chicago)
  • online tutorials

Additional online resources

For more information

Call (505) 566-3362 or email us at
Located in the Student Success Center on Main Campus.

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