Release Date : Thursday, February 07, 2008

In order to conserve paper and printing materials in the San Juan College Computer Labs the College is implementing a software solution to regulate printing starting with the fall 2007 semester.  The software, called Pharos is tied to the College’s new “One Card” ID card system that was introduced at the College in the spring of 2006. 

When someone prints in a SJC Computer Lab a “pop up” (shown below) will appear showing the cost of the requested print job along with your account balances. The “pop up” asks if the user wants to continue.  If the user clicks OK the task will print and the account will be charged.

Message about your print job

The College is making a concerted effort to accommodate student printing needs required for their normal course work. In fact, each currently enrolled student will automatically receive $3.00 per credit hour into their Free Print account. Only if a student exceeds their “Free Print credits” will they be required to pay for printing.

If someone exceeds their “Free Print credits” they can add money to their “One Card” account in the SJC Business Office or at the Payment Host (PHIL) machine that is soon to be located in the 1901 Commons Lab.  Printing is charged at a rate of $0.10 per page which equates to 30 pages per credit hour. Any added funds will appear in the Cash Balance (Print Fund) account and will be used only if all the Free Print credits have been used.  One should note, however, any money deposited into a Cash Balance (Print Fund) is NON REFUNDABLE.  Cash Balance (Print Fund) monies remain with the account holder, but they are never refunded.  Any unused Free Print credits are deleted at the end of each semester (remember they are Free Print credits, not real money!)

Anyone that is not a currently enrolled student will be required to pay for printing.  If you do not have an SJC ID card you can obtain a student ID card in Student Services or a community card at the SJC Library. Once you have a San Juan College ID card you can add money to your print account at the Business Office or the soon to be installed Payment Host (PHIL) machine in the 1901 lab. 

If you have any questions please call the San Juan College Help Desk at 566-3266