Co-Curricular Transcript

The co-curricular transcript documents students' extra-currricular learning experiences on their SJC transcript. Co-curricular activities include: volunteer work, service learning projects, internships, SJC club/commitees, work-study positions, student government, or student ambassador involvement. Students simply input their data into the co-curricular system through the San Juan College Career Center webpage, in which they submit a brief description of involvement, responsibilities as well as dates of participation. Entries are typically recorded per semester or upon completion of postition. After the entry is verified and approved, the information will be placed on the students' co-curricular transcript upon request. These co-curricular entries can make a student much more marketable to four-year college admissions offices as well as potential employers!

Just go to:

You will be directed to a San Juan College login screen. Your login is the same as your normal student login information.

For step-by-step instructions, please review this printable PDF instructions guide: Co-curricular Instructions.pdf

* Please don't forget!!! This is going to on your permanent transcript. Make sure your description is clear, concise and free of all spelling and grammatical errors! Try to be specific. Best style is to write it as though it is going on a resume. (See examples below)

Bad Entry: I was on the Student Activities Board and like it a lot. I helped out with a lot of events and it is fun and I learned a lot. I did a Hunger Banquet too.

Good Entry: Served on Student Activities Board as a general member. Attended weekly meetings, planned and implemented various student activities including the campus holiday food drive and Oxfam Hunger Banquet to raise hunger awareness.

If you have any questions or need help the first time, please contact Holly Caudillo in the Career Center, room 1715 in the West Classroom Complex or call 505-566-3423 for an appointment. Go to the Co-Curricular Transcript.

The Career Center and Student Activities Office encourages all students to
get involved on campus....inside AND outside the classroom.

For more information on getting involed, contact Student Activities:
505-566-3403 ~
Or drop by Room 6107, in the Learning Commons, under the library.