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Department of Public Safety


Community Response Checklist

-Hazardous Material Spill Cleanup-


Remember spills should only be cleaned up by lab personnel if you and your supervisor feel that it is safe to do so.


  • For any spill immediately contact the San Juan College Environmental Health Department and/or Security and Safety Department
  • You are thoroughly familiar with the hazards of the material (Reference MSDS)
  • You have been trained to deal with spills/releases of the size in question
  • You have the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), should it be necessary
  • The appropriate absorbent/neutralizers are readily available
  • It is essential that you collect all spill clean-up waste for proper disposal. DO NOT PLACE IN OR AROUND THE REGULAR TRASH
  • Place the spill clean-up waste in a closed container and attach a San Juan College Waste/Material Tracking form if available, or at a minimum label with contents

For more information on MSDS please use the following link:

If you or your supervisor feels that you do not have the proper training or equipment necessary to clean up a spill/release then call the San Juan College Environmental Health Department or the Department of Public Safety for cleanup.


  • Environmental Health
    • Gary Lee: 566-3063 or 320-3174
    • Monica Beevers: 566-3190 or 793-7874
  • Department of Public Safety — 566-3333 or 215-3091