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Frequently Asked Questions

General Travel Policy

An individual is in travel status when traveling on official business for SJC whether or not expenses will be reimbursed by the College. A Travel Requisition must be prepared, approved & submitted to the Business Office at least 30 days in advance of the travel date.

There are three categories of travel:

In-county travel covers all travel within San Juan County. In-county travel is the only type of travel which does not require a Travel Requisition.

In-State travel covers all travel within the State of New Mexico, but outside of San Juan County. Levels of approval are indicated on the 'Purchasing Approval Signature Process' chart.

Out-of-state travel covers all travel outside of New Mexico.

Click here to access the Forms Libary for the following forms/documents:

  • Travel Requisition (an excel document)
  • Instructions to Access the Online National Safety Council's Defensive Driving Course
  • Driving Record Consent Form

Click here for details regarding driver eligibility.

Standard Reimbursement Rates

Per Diem Lodging & Meals

Per Diem Meals

Per Meal Allowance

In State                    $95.00/day

Out of State          $115.00/day

Note: Use this dollar amount when lodging and meals are self-paid.

Other Standard

Reimbursement rates

Taxi           $6.00/day

Mileage    0.44/mile


Less than 2 hours              None

Between 2 and 6 hours     $11.00

Between 2 and 12 hours   $19.00

12 or more hours $30.00


Less than 2 hours             None

Between 2 and 6 hours     $14.00

Between 2 and 12 hours   $22.00

12 or more hours               $45.00

Note: When travel is one day-subtract 8hrs before computing any per diem meal allowance


Breakfast     $6.00

Lunch          $8.00

Dinner          $16.00



Breakfast  $9.00

Lunch       $13.00

Dinner       $16.00

Note: These per meal deductions should only be used when meals are provided by the conference or registration