The Tarpley Teaching Award was initiated in 2007 through the generosity of Mr. Wayne Tarpley in memory of all the teachers in his family. An endowment was made to the San Juan College Foundation to provide twenty (20) full time and ten (10) part-time adjunct teaching awards The twenty faculty awards are peer-selected and the ten adjunct awards are chosen by each School's Deans, Lead Instructors and/or Department Chairs. Each award is in the amount of $1,000 and given each year at the end of the spring semester. Faculty and Adjuncts are awarded in recognition of their commitment to go above and beyond the general expectations and performance of teachers at San Juan College.

The Tarpley Award is given to twenty (20) San Juan College full-time instructors each year who are reviewed and selected by their peers to receive this significant award in the amount of $1,000 recognition for their:

  • Commitment to excellence in the classroom
  • Commitment to students
  • Commitment to the college

To be eligible to vote and/or receive this award you must have a minimum of 50% teaching responsibilities. All faculty and instructional professionals except those winning the Tarpley or another major faculty awards (Friddle, Allison, and/or Distinguished Teaching Chair.) in the past twelve months will automatically be placed on the ballot of potential recipients.


Criteria for receiving this award include:

  1. Eligibility: All full time faculty and instructional professionals, who are at least 50% instructional, are eligible for this award except those individuals who have won a major faculty award in the past twelve months (Tarpley, Friddle, Allison, and/or Distinguished Teaching Chair.) The names of the recipients of the previously mentioned awards have been taken out of the balloting process that follows. There is no "years of service" requirement.
  2. Characteristics:
    1. Excellence in the classroom
    2. Commitment to students
    3. Commitment to San Juan College above and beyond the general expectations of faculty.


Tarpley Award



  Adjunct Faculty
  Phyllis Meier
  Full Time Faculty
  Cheryl Jordan                  
  Murdoch Maloney
  Timothy Reeves
  Adjunct Faculty
  Pedro Marquez      
  Full Time Faculty
  George Golombowski
Melvin Patscheck
Ray John
Rick Greenaker
Tom Burns
Roger Tingley
Christopher Caine
  School of Health Sciences
  Adjunct Faculty
  Rebecca Wilkins
Brittany Nichols
  Full Time Faculty
  Bonnie Rung
Carla Lich
Dixie Roberts
Jason Curtis
Marsha Bouchard
Mary Doshi
Shawna Kemper
Tammy Sanderson
Therese Millis
Sherry Paxson
  School of Humanities
  Adjunct Faculty
  Charles Kromer
Annette Tidwell-Abend
David Wesch
  Full Time Faculty
  Alicia Skipper
Andrea Cooper
Andrea Erickson
Elizabeth Phelps
Eric Bateman
Kari Deswood
Kate Fulton
Lorraine Manavi
Mollie Mook-Fiddler
Vicki Holmsten
Traci HalesVass
  School of Science, Math & Engineering
  Adjunct Faculty
  Catherine Lippe
  Full Time Faculty
  Carl Bickford
Carrie Elledge
Gerald Williams
Jeff Wood
Lisa Wurtz
LuAnn Walton
Michele Berkey
Veronica Evans
  School of Trades & Tech
  Adjunct Faculty
  John Buckles
Lindsey Schnell
  Full Time Faculty
  Blake Barnett
Bobby Sanders
Chad Triplett
Chris Schmitt
Debra Reed
James Yoakum
Jared Blood
Jeff Schofield
Manuel Montoya
Nikki Roddy
Shannon Wilmer


Full Time Faculty
  John Burris
  Ann Hardy
  Michael Hattabaugh
  Kris Kraly
  Tony Otero
  Jan Peel
  Jim Rooker
  Vernon Willie
  Adjunct Faculty
  Jessica Anderson
  Carmelita Lee
  Paul Mitchell
  Todd Thomas


Full Time Faculty
  Seth Abrahamson
  Blake Barnett
  Wendy Bircher
  Andrea Cooper
  Murdoch Maloney
  Tom Munson
  Bobby Sanders
  Danielle Sullivan
  Adjunct Faculty
  Susan Bair
  Darold Czlapinski
  Nick Mrzlak
  Rebekah Savage
  Kimberly Schooley


Full Time Faculty
  Sharon Brown
  Kate Fulton
  Debbie Gonzales
  Rick Greenaker
  John Hoff
  Sherry Paxson
  Gerald Williams
  Adjunct Faculty
  Betty Abrahamson
  Ann Fourr
  Ralph Moorehead
  Larissa Pioche
  Florian Rybarczyk