Auto Body

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Auto Body
1.0 - 4.0 credits AUBO-105: SPIN: (Special Interest)
Course is designed to address a variety of subjects required to meet the needs of lifelong learning students. Not available for transfer nor applicable as an elective.
3.5 credits AUBO-144: Sheet Metal Welding
This course is designed to introduce the students to MIG welding procedures, set up and terminology used in sheet metal welding. The students will be exposed to all areas of MIG, oxy oxcetalean, and plasma torch industry safety. This course will provide the students with the basic knowledge and hands on experience to successfully demonstrate proper sheet metal welds in a variety of joints and welding positions.
Offered: ALL
5.5 credits AUBO-145: Non-Structural Repair
This basic auto body course is designed to develop the student?s understanding of general shop safety using hand tools, pneumatic tools and power tools. This course will also cover: straightening fundamentals, plastic and composite repair, panel replacement, and adjustments.
Prerequisites: Take AUBO-144
Offered: ALL
4.5 credits AUBO-150: Intro to Automotive Refinishing
This course is designed to incorporate all aspects of surface preparation, paint safety, refinishing materials, and refinishing fundamentals. Students will receive instructions for the application of acrylic enamel and base coat/clear coat refinishing systems.
Offered: ALL
4.5 credits AUBO-155: Intermediate Automotive Refinishing
This course encompasses all areas of surface preparation, damage repair and refinishing procedures that are necessary for achieving a proper spot repair. Students will also acquire safe work habits in the refinishing area and correct automotive detailing procedures.
Prerequisites: Take AUBO-150
Offered: ALL
4.5 credits AUBO-244: Advanced Non-Structural Repair I
This course will involve the students in all phases of minor non-structural collision damage repairs. This course will encompass sheet metal repair, advanced panel replacement and alignment.
Prerequisites: Take AUBO-145
Offered: FASP
4.5 credits AUBO-245: Advanced Non-Structural Repair II
This course is a continuation of AUBO-244 with emphasis in all phases of minor non-structural damage repair. The student will be instructed in sheet metal repair and panel alignment as well as the R&I of automotive glass and related components.
Prerequisites: Take AUBO-244
Offered: FASP
4.5 credits AUBO-250: Automotive Color Adjustment & Blending
This course will help develop the skills needed to match any type of paint. It will educate the student in color theory, color evaluation, color matching, and other color adjustment factors. The student will be instructed in multiple panel paint blending techniques.
Prerequisites: Take AUBO-155
Offered: FASP
4.5 credits AUBO-255: Automotive Overall Refinishing
This course encompasses all areas of automotive refinishing. This advanced course is a continuation of AUBO 250 with emphasis in achieving industry refinishing times and standards consistent with that of I-CAR. The student will be instructed in surface preparation and refinishing techniques involved with overall refinishing. The students will also be instructed on paint safety, use of acrylic enamel and base coat/clear coat refinishing system.
Prerequisites: Take AUBO-250
Offered: FASP
4.5 credits AUBO-260: Frame and Structural Repair
This course will educate the students in all areas of frame and structural damage repairs. Through theory and practical application, the student will learn how to diagnose and repair various types of damage including: mash, twist, sag, and side sway. This course will teach the student safe work habits while using measuring and straightening equipment.
Prerequisites: Take AUBO-145
Offered: FASP
4.5 credits AUBO-265: Structural Panel Replacement
This course is a continuation of AUBO 260 with infancies in structural panel replacement. The students will be educated in frame and unibody measuring equipment and their proper use in sectioning procedures. Through theory and practical application the student will learn how to ID structural components, properly separate sport welds, position and weld new body panels in place.
Prerequisites: Take AUBO-260
Offered: FASP
4.5 credits AUBO-270: Body Shop Management I
This advanced course is designed to simulate an auto body estimator?s position. The student will learn how to implement a systematic approach to damage analysis as well as cost estimation.
Prerequisites: Take AUBO-245, AUBO-255, and AUBO-265
Offered: FASP
4.5 credits AUBO-275: Body Shop Management II
This course is a continuation of AUBO 270. The student will demonstrate considerable technical judgment in assigning technicians to projects and inspecting completed work. The student will also implement basic record keeping and damage report writing skills.
Prerequisites: Take AUBO-270
Offered: FASP
1.0 - 18.0 credits AUBO-280: Cooperative Education
This course covers the industrial application of the auto body industry. Students will be supervised and evaluated jointly by the Director of Cooperative Education and the employer.
Prerequisites: Take AUBO-235, AUBO-236, and WELD-237.
Offered: FASP
1.0 - 8.0 credits AUBO-295: SPTO: (Special Topics)
Special or specific topic course to meet the needs of students. Topics and credits are announced in the Schedule of Classes. These courses may be used as electives for Associate degree requirements. May be repeated one or more times for additional credit. No more than 6 credits of special topic courses can be used toward a degree.
Offered: ALL

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