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Administrative Services Forms Library

The forms available on this website are designed to be completed online and then printed for signature approvals. If you experience problems accessing or completing the forms online, please contact the Administrative Services Office at 566-3253 or

Adobe Acrobat is required to access and complete these forms online. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat (or the latest version), download it by clicking on the "Get Adobe Reader" icon below. If a form is difficult to read because of font size, please use the zoom feature (in the Adobe Tools menu) to enlarge the image.

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Forms are listed alphabetically. Please be aware that not all forms are available online. Should you encounter any problems or have any questions, please contact the "Responsible Party" for that form or the Administrative Services Office for assistance. 

Forms are constantly revised and updated. Always visit this site to complete a form to ensure you are using the most recent version of the document.


Form (to complete online) Responsible Party
Advanced Approval of Interdepartmental Charges for Textbooks SJC Use Only Bookstore 566-3260
Affidavit for Receipt Exceptions Travel 566-3259
Anti Donation Information Assistant Controller 566-3254
Blue Stake Identification of Existing Utilities Form Physical Plant 566-3285
Budget Adjustment Request, Page 1
Budget Adjustment Request, Extra Pages
Assistant Controller 566-3408
Cell Phone Self-Declaration Form To request reimbursement for personal
cell phone use
Accounts Payable 566-3605
Cellular Equipment Request Form To request a SJC issued cellular
phone/hot spot
Accounts Payable 566-3605
Contract Completion Checklist Risk Management 566-3454
Clothing Request Assistant Controller 566-3254
Course Program Activities & Release Risk Management 566-3454
Defensive Driving Login Information Administrative Assistant 566-3253
Direct Deposit Application for Vendors (Accounts Payable Use) Accts Payable 566-3605
Direct Deposit Application for Employees (Payroll Use) Payroll 566-3245
Direct Pay Request Page 1
Direct Pay Request Extra Pages
Accounts Payable 566-3605
Driver Approval Application Risk Management 566-3454
Entering Group Travel in Colleague Travel 566-3259
Emergency Procurement & Sole Source Justification Purchasing 566-3511
2009 Equipment List (form) and Instructions Fixed Assets/Inventory 566-3089
Equipment Usage Form
Equipment Usage Form Supplemental Pages
Fixed Assets 566-3659
(Travel) Expense Reimbursement Travel 566-3259
Food Request - $49.99 and under - Outside Vendor (Wal-Mart, Safeway, etc.)
If purchase is $50.00+ services must be provided by Mary's Kitchen.
Enter a requistion in Datatel using the following instructions.
Assistant Controller 566-3262
Hourly Timesheet Payroll 566-3245
In-County Mileage Travel 566-3259
Key Request Support Services 566-3257
Motor Pool In-County Travel Approval List of Approved Drivers by Semester Motor Pool 566-3507
Payroll Deduction Form Business Office 566-3254
Pre-Approval to Use PCard for Restricted (Grant) Funds Restricted Funds 566-3573
Purchase Card Transaction Log, Pg. 1
Purchase Card Transaction Log Extra Pages
Accounts Payable 566-3605
Quote Comparison Purchasing 566-3511
Report of Missing Equipment Fixed Assets/Inventory 566-3089
Request to Accept Donated Goods, Materials, or Property Purchasing 566-3511
Request to Charge to SJC's American Express or MasterCard Credit Card Accounts Payable 566-3605
Request to Use a Purchasing Dept. SJC Credit Card Purchasing 566-3511
Accounts Payable 566-3259
Signature Approval Dollar Levels Purchasing 566-3511
Sponsored Student Authorization Form, Page 1
Sponsored Student Authorization Form, Extra Pages
Accounts Receivable 566-3355
Student Club - Tax Exempt Status Business Office 566-3408
T & P Contract Instructions Purchasing 566-3511
Transfer of Funds - Request for Interdepartmental Services Business Office 566-3255
Travel on Purchase Card Transaction Log Page 1
Travel on Purchase Card Transaction Log Extra Pages
Travel 566-3259
Travel Agreement & Release Form Risk Management 566-3454
Vendor Application Updated June 2010 Purchasing 566-3511
W-4 Form Payroll 566-3245
W-8BEN Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for US Tax Witholding Assistant Controller 566-3262
W-9 Form Purchasing 566-3511