Automotive Technology

Program Plan

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Automotive Technology
1.0 - 4.0 credits AUTE-105: SPIN: (Special Interest)
Course is designed to address a variety of subjects required to meet the needs of lifelong learning students. Not available for transfer nor applicable as an elective.
5.0 credits AUTE-111: Steering and Suspension
A theory and shop course to introduce the student to steering geometry, front and rear suspension service, wheel alignment, power steering service, and wheel balancing. Safety is emphasized.
Corequisites: AUTE-112
Offered: FALL Faculty Permission Required
5.0 credits AUTE-112: Brakes
A study of the theory and diagnostic procedures of disc and drum brake systems, including anti-lock brakes. Instruction on machining of discs, drums, and rebuilding of brake hydraulic components will be given. Safety is emphasized.
Corequisites: AUTE-111
Offered: FALL Faculty Permission Required
4.0 credits AUTE-113: Basic Electrical
Basic fundamentals of electrical theory, magnetism, current flow, Ohms Law, series, parallel, and series parallel circuit calculations. The use of basic meters and their application to circuit diagnosis will be taught. Safety is emphasized.
Offered: FASP Faculty Permission Required
6.0 credits AUTE-114: Electrical Systems
Diagnosis of the general electrical system to include battery, starting, charging, lighting, gauges, horn, wiper/washer and accessories using meters and schematics with standard troubleshooting procedures.
Prerequisites: AUTE-113
Corequisites: AUTE-117
Offered: SP
6.0 credits AUTE-115: Manual Dr Train & Transaxles
The theory and repair of manual transmission, differentials, clutches, transaxles and drive axles will be covered. Diagnosis and troubleshooting will be stressed. Safety is emphasized.
Corequisites: AUTE-116
Offered: SP
6.0 credits AUTE-116: Auto Transmission & Transaxles
The operating principles of automatic transmissions, diagnosis, electrical and electronic controls, and repair will be covered. Safety is emphasized.
Corequisites: AUTE-115
Offered: SP
12.0 credits AUTE-117: Engine Performance
This course will cover the use of engine performance test equipment, fuel system operation, fuel injection, ignition systems, starting and charging systems. A systematic method of troubleshooting will be taught. Safety is emphasized.
Prerequisites: AUTE-113
Corequisites: AUTE-114
Offered: SP
8.0 credits AUTE-118: Engine Repair
This course will cover the principles and operation of the internal combustion engine. Engines will be properly disassembled, inspected, measured, and reassembled. Safety is emphasized.
Corequisites: AUTE-119
Offered: FALL
4.0 credits AUTE-119: Heating and Air Conditioning
A theory and shop course to teach the student automotive air conditioning and heating systems as they apply to automotive vehicles. The use of test equipment will be emphasized and the student will learn to diagnose, evacuate, recover refrigerant and recharge air conditioning systems. Safety is emphasized.
Prerequisites: AUTE-113
Corequisites: AUTE-118
Offered: FALL
1.0 - 9.0 credits AUTE-280: Cooperative Education
The student will be employed at an approved work station which will provide relevant learning experiences that are directly related to the students career and educational goals. The student will be supervised and evaluated jointly by his/her employer and San Juan College personnel.
Offered: DMND
0.5 - 6.0 credits AUTE-295: SPTO: (Special Topics)
Special or specific topic course to meet the needs of students. Topics and credits are announced in the Schedule of Classes. These courses may be used as electives for Associate degree requirements. May be repeated one or more times for additional credit. No more than 6 credits of special topic courses can be used toward a degree.
Offered: DMND

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