Frequently Asked Questions

Staff Tuition Waiver

Regular employees may have tuition and special course fees waived for up to four (4) credit hours (valued at $184.00) per semester and an HHPC fitness conditioning class waiver ($88.00 one-semester; $175.00 two-semester; or $264.00 annual membership).

Adjunct instructors teaching one (1) credit class or more are eligible for the above benefit only for the semester for which they are employed.

Family Tuition Waiver

A qualified* family member of a benefited employee is eligible for a tuition waiver of up to four (4) credit hours (valued at $184.00) per semester (special course fees are not included) and an HHPC fitness conditioning class waiver. A single family member may utilize both waivers or two different family members may utilize one waiver each.

*A qualified Family Member is an eligible dependent as defined by insurance plan rules.

  1. Family waiver and Staff waiver forms may be retrieved from Human Resources or the Business Office
  2. Be sure the waivers are completely filled out with all information required (Department account number, etc.)
  3. Be sure all required approval signatures have been obtained (Immediate supervisor and Human resources)
  4. Submit completed waivers to Business Office

Note: a family or staff waiver is payment for tuition. If the waiver is not submitted to the Business Office by the drop date, classes will be dropped. A waiver DOES NOT register the student for class or for the HHPC.

For any further information please contact: Human Resources at (505) 566-3215 or e-mail