Building Trades

Building Trades

Building Trades (AAS.BLDT) 65-55 credit hours
Building Trades - Finish Carpentry (CER.BLDT.CARP) 26-27 credit hours
Building Trades - Framing (CER.BLDT.FRMG) 28-29 credit hours
Building Trades - Insulation and Drywall (CER.BLDT.INSU) 21-22 credit hours


The Basic Program

The Building Trades program is designed to prepare students for a career primarily in residential construction. Courses take students through the building process from the "ground up," combining classroom exercises and lecture with hands-on building projects. The program emphasizes real life jobsite experiences while utilizing a state-of-the-art woodworking shop and building compound.

Job Opportunities

Industries such as commercial construction, residential homebuilding and industrial manufacturing all employ carpenters. A skilled carpenter can preform general tasks or use a specific skill, such as framing, finish work, drywalling, or painting, depending on the type of construction project. Masonry skills and civil engineering fields also employ carpenters to build forms for concrete or supports for highway construction projects.

Career opportunites are found in the building trades as a carpenter within the region, as well as throughout the southwest, including Albuquerque, Phoenix, Tucson, and Las Vagas. Wages for carpenters typically range from $23,690 and $41,140 annually depending on local markets and expertise. Foreman and supervisory positions range from $40,310 to$67,340 annually. 

Career Information

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