Building Trades

Program Plan

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Building Trades
0.5 - 4.0 credits BLDT-105: SPIN: (Special Interest)
2.0 credits BLDT-110: Basic Blueprint Reading & Design
Learn to read and interpret a basic set of house plans. Students also complete a set of plans of their own design, based on the parameters given by the instructor. Emphasis on sound floor plan design and mechanical illustration.
Offered: FALL
3.0 credits BLDT-111: Foundations & Floor Framing
This course will teach the basics of site layout, building foundations, and floor framing. The on-campus laboratory experience will include construction of a house.
Offered: FALL
6.0 credits BLDT-112: Fundamentals of Wall Framing
Learn to layout walls and construct exterior and interior wall sections. Students will gain a strong knowledge of all the components that go into those framed units.
Offered: FALL
3.0 credits BLDT-113: Insulation and Drywall
Learn about the use and installation of insulation products and systems available for use in residential and commercial applications. Students will also learn the proper techniques used in the installation of drywall and the taping and texturing phase.
Offered: FALL
3.0 credits BLDT-114: Practical Cost Estimating
Learn to accurately estimate material costs on basic building projects. This course includes a laboratory project whereby students estimate the materials needed, construct the project and then do a follow up on the accuracy of their estimations.
Offered: FALL
5.0 credits BLDT-115: Finish Carpentry & Painting
Learn to install baseboards, doors and casings, and other miscellaneous moldings. Students will also design and build closet organizers. Additionally the course teaches proper paint techniques in brush, roller, and spray applications.
Offered: FALL
6.0 credits BLDT-125: Roof Framing & Shingling
Gain detailed knowledge of how to construct a roof using pre-engineered trusses and/or stick framing techniques. The campus laboratory experience will include constructing a house.
Prerequisites: Take BLDT-111 and BLDT-112.
Offered: SP
3.0 credits BLDT-126: Window & Door Installation
Learn about the many window and door products available as well as proper installation techniques. As part of the laboratory experience students will install window and door units on the house being built.
Offered: SP
3.0 credits BLDT-127: Exterior Wall Applications
Understand the different choices for exterior wall applications. As part of their laboratory experience students will install or apply different kinds of materials.
Offered: SP
3.0 credits BLDT-128: Cabinet Design
Understand the process of designing and installing cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and other spaces. Additionally, students will learn how to construct the basic cabinet unit.
Offered: SP
3.0 credits BLDT-129: Green Building Concepts
Understand the basics of "green building" design including the many products and structure choices available. As part of the laboratory experience students will utilize some of the products and techniques within their constructed house.
Offered: SP
3.0 credits BLDT-130: Flooring Installations
Understand the many floor coverings available. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to work with some of these products in the installation phase of their house building project.
Offered: SP
1.0 credits BLDT-131: Stair Construction
Learn to layout and construct basic stairs. Includes building a basic set of stairs.
Offered: SP
1.0 credits BLDT-132: Building Codes
Gain a fundamental understanding of building codes as they apply to our industry in the United States. Some of the most widely used codes will be discussed within the classroom and laboratory setting.
Offered: SP
1.0 - 4.1 credits BLDT-195: Special Topics
Specific subjects and credits to be announced in the course schedule.
Offered: DMND
6.0 credits BLDT-221: Construction Supervision
Available to degree seeking and advanced Building Trades students only. Students will be introduced to supervising through interaction with beginning students. Concentration will be on job site management and time line scheduling.
Prerequisites: Take BLDT 110 - 115 and BLDT 125 - 132.
Offered: FASP

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