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Online Courses listed by last semester offered

This page is updated several times a semester so it should be accurate as to which courses San Juan College offers online.  However; it is a good idea to check the class schedule either the printed schedule that can be found at or by searching WebAdvisor for a current section by going to

Courses Title CrHr Spring 2014 Summer 2014 Fall 2014
ACCT-201 Fundamentals of Accounting I 4 Yes Yes Yes
ACCT-202 Fundamentals of Accounting II 4 Yes No Yes
ACCT-255 Certified Bookkeeper Capstone 3 Yes No No
ANTH-110 Intro to Anthropology 3 Yes Yes Yes
ANTH-210 Intro to Cultural Anthropology 3 Yes Yes Yes
AOAP-115 Practical Business Math Procedures 3 No Yes No
AOAP-123 Keyboarding 3 Yes No Yes
AOAP-210 Word Processing 3 No No Yes
ARTS-110 Orientation in Art 3 Yes Yes Yes
ASTR-110 Intro to Astronomy 4 Yes Yes Yes
BADM-114 Intro to Business 3 Yes Yes Yes
BADM-134 Supervision 3 Yes Yes Yes
BADM-233 Principles of Management 3 No Yes No
BADM-242 Principles of Marketing 3 No No Yes
BIOL-110 Non-Majors Biology 4 Yes Yes Yes
BIOL-112 Human Body Structures & Funct 4 Yes Yes Yes
BIOL-121 Introductory Biology I 4 Yes Yes Yes
BLAW-230 Business Law 3 Yes Yes Yes
CDLT-153 CDL CLass A Training 7 No Yes No
CDLT-154 CDL CLass B Training 2 No Yes No
CDLT-156 CDL Upgrade Training 1 No Yes No
CDLT-157 CDL Refresher Training 2 No Yes No
CDLT-168 CDL Online Preparation NM 2 Yes No Yes
COMM-110 Public Speaking 3 No Yes No
COMM-111 Interpersonal Communication 3 Yes Yes Yes
COMM-120 Business and Professional Communication 3 Yes No No
COSC-111 Computer Literacy 3 Yes Yes Yes
COSC-116 Spreadsheeting 3 Yes No Yes
COSC-125 Business Microcomputer Applications 3 Yes Yes Yes
COSC-202 Web Development I 3 No No Yes
COSC-203 Web Development II 3 Yes No No
COSC-243 Web Programming on UNIX 3 Yes No No
ECED-145 Health, Safety and Nutrition 2 No Yes Yes
ECED-150 Professionalism 2 Yes No No
ECED-225 Child Growth & Development 3 No No Yes
ECED-235 Family & Comm Collaboration 3 No No Yes
ECED-255 Assessment of Children 3 Yes No No
ECED-299 SPTO: Integrated Competencies 1 No No Yes
ECON-251 Macroeconomics 3 Yes Yes Yes
ECON-252 Microeconomics 3 Yes Yes Yes
EDUC-121 Introduction to Teaching 3 Yes No Yes
EDUC-131 Intro to Special Education 3 Yes No Yes
EDUC-215 Teaching With Technology 3 Yes No No
EDUC-235 Diversity Family Community 3 No No Yes
EDUC-242 Foundations of Education 2 Yes No Yes
EDUC-244 Family, School & Community Cultures 2 No Yes No
EDUC-250 Effective Teaching Practice 3 Yes No Yes
EDUC-252 Elementary Teaching Methods 2 Yes Yes No
EDUC-261 TESOL Methods 3 Yes No No
EDUC-281 Introduction to Gifted Education 3 Yes No No
EDUC-282 Curriculum Models in Gifted Ed 3 Yes Yes Yes
EDUC-284 Ident & Access of Gifted Stds 3 Yes No No
ENGL-111 Freshman Composition 3 Yes Yes Yes
ENGL-118 Technical Composition 3 Yes Yes Yes
ENGL-130 Editing and Style for Writers 3 No No Yes
ENGL-140 Exploring Literature 3 Yes No No
ENGL-211 Advanced Composition 3 Yes Yes Yes
ENGL-218 Advanced Technical Composition 3 Yes Yes Yes
ENGL-223 Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction 3 Yes No No
ENGL-251 American Literature to 1865 3 No No Yes
ENGL-252 American Literature From 1865 to Present 3 Yes No No
ENGL-262 Survey of World Literature II 3 Yes No No
ENGL-299 SPTO: Drama Writing 1 No No Yes
ENGL-98 Basic Technical Composition 3 Yes No No
ENGL-99 Basic Composition 3 Yes Yes Yes
FIRE-111 Firefighter I 4 Yes No No
HIST-121 Western Civilization to 1700 3 Yes Yes Yes
HIST-122 Western Civilization from 1700 3 Yes Yes Yes
HIST-211 U.S. History to 1865 3 Yes Yes No
HIST-212 U.S. History From 1865 3 Yes Yes Yes
HIST-260 New Mexico History 3 No Yes No
HITP-110 Medical Terminology 3 Yes Yes Yes
HITP-112 Human Body: Structures and Functions 4 Yes Yes Yes
HITP-116 Computerized Business Applications 3 Yes Yes Yes
HITP-120 Intro to Health Info Technolgy 3 Yes No Yes
HITP-121 Intro to Health Info Tech-MCB 3 Yes No Yes
HITP-130 Pathophysiology: HITP 3 Yes Yes Yes
HITP-140 Computers in Health Care 3 Yes Yes No
HITP-150 Legal & Ethical Issues in HIT 3 Yes No No
HITP-160 Pharmacology and Lab Procedures 3 Yes Yes Yes
HITP-170 Physican Coding (CPT-4) 3 Yes No Yes
HITP-185 Computerized Medical Office 3 Yes No Yes
HITP-202 Coding Classification Systems I 4 Yes No Yes
HITP-210 Coding Class Systems II 3 Yes No No
HITP-212 Coding Class Systems II 3 Yes No No
HITP-230 Reimbursement Methodologies 3 Yes No No
HITP-240 Health Data Analysis 4 Yes No No
HITP-255 Electronic Health Records 3 Yes No Yes
HITP-262 Professional Practice Experience Coding 1 Yes Yes No
HITP-264 Professional Practice Experience Hit 2 Yes Yes Yes
HITP-266 Prof Practice Exp Coding 1 Yes Yes No
HITP-270 HIT Seminar 1 Yes Yes Yes
HITP-272 Coding Seminar 1 Yes Yes Yes
HITP-286 The Effective HC Supervisor 3 No No Yes
HLTH-118 Intro to Nutrition 3 Yes Yes Yes
HMSV-220 Intro to Substance Abuse 3 Yes No Yes
IPOP-110 Intro to Process Technology 4 Yes No Yes
IPOP-130 Safety, Health & Environment 4 Yes No Yes
IPOP-133 Process Technology I-Equipment 4 Yes No Yes
LRNS-111 LCOM: College Success Strategies 3 Yes No Yes
MATH-113 Applied Math for Vocational Studies 3 Yes Yes Yes
MATH-114 Math for Health Careers 3 Yes Yes Yes
MATH-115 Int Algebra-Applications 4 Yes Yes Yes
MATH-130 Conceptual Mathematics 3 Yes Yes Yes
MATH-160 College Algebra 3 Yes Yes Yes
MATH-170 Pre-Calculus 4 No Yes No
MATH-180 Trigonometry 3 Yes Yes Yes
MATH-251 Statistics 4 Yes Yes Yes
MATH-95 Pre-Algebra 4 Yes Yes Yes
MATH-96 Introductory Algebra 4 Yes Yes Yes
MLTS-160 Theory of Phlebotomy 2 No No Yes
OTAP-150 Documentation for OT 1 Yes No No
PHED-113 Intro to Personal Training 3 No Yes No
PHED-116 Fitness Training I 1 Yes No Yes
PHED-117 Fitness Training II 1 Yes No Yes
PHIL-110 Introduction to Philosophy 3 Yes Yes Yes
PHOT-160 Digital Photography 3 Yes Yes Yes
PHYS-121 Introduction to Physics 3 Yes Yes Yes
PHYS-212 General Physics II 3 Yes No No
POLS-110 Intro to Political Science 3 Yes No Yes
POLS-250 American National Government 3 No No Yes
PSYC-120 Introduction to Psychology 3 Yes Yes Yes
PSYC-230 Human Development 3 Yes Yes Yes
PTAP-110 Intro to Phys Therapist Asst 3 Yes No No
PTAP-116 Musculoskeletal Focus for PTA's 3 Yes Yes Yes
PTAP-125 Clinical Kinesiology 4 Yes No No
PTAP-130 Pathophysiology for A/H Stdnt 3 Yes Yes No
PTAP-140 Therapeutic Exercise 3 No No Yes
PTAP-150 PTA Procedures I 4 No Yes No
PTAP-160 PTA Procedures II 3 No No Yes
PTAP-210 Principles of Rehabilitation 5 Yes No No
PTAP-230 Clinical Externships (Acute/Inpatient) 4 No Yes No
PTAP-250 PTA Procedures III 4 No Yes No
PTAP-260 Seminar 2 Yes No Yes
PTAP-270 Clinic Externship-Outpatient 7 Yes No Yes
PTAP-290 Clinic Externship-Rehab 7 Yes No Yes
RDNG-113 College Reading & Crit Thinkng 3 Yes Yes Yes
SAFE-116 First Aid/CPR 0 No Yes No
SAFE-119 Defensive Driving 0 No Yes No
SAFE-136 SafeLand 0 No Yes No
SAFE-147 Hazard Management 0 No Yes No
SAFE-250 Management of Safety Work 10 Yes Yes Yes
SAFE-251 Hazard Communication & Right-To-Know 1 Yes Yes Yes
SAFE-252 Environmental Management 2 Yes Yes Yes
SAFE-253 Safety & Health Training 1 Yes Yes Yes
SAFE-254 Worker's Compensation 1 Yes Yes Yes
SAFE-255 Fleet Safety 1 Yes Yes Yes
SAFE-256 Risk Assessment & Hazard Control 3 Yes Yes Yes
SAFE-257 Emergency Preparedness 1 Yes Yes Yes
SAFE-258 Fire Prevention and Protection 2 Yes Yes Yes
SAFE-259 Industrial Hygiene 2 Yes Yes Yes
SAFE-260 Personal Protective Equipment 1 Yes Yes Yes
SAFE-261 Ergonomics and Human Factors 1 Yes Yes Yes
SAFE-262 Oil&Gas Overview:Well Bore/Mk 3 Yes No No
SIGN-299 SPTO: Introduction to ASL 3 No No Yes
SOCI-110 Introduction to Sociology 3 Yes Yes Yes
SOCI-210 Social Problems 3 No Yes No
SOCI-213 Intro to Criminal Justice Syst 3 Yes No Yes
SOCI-215 Sociology of Marriage & Fam 3 No Yes No
SURG-119 Central Sterile Service Certification 4 No No Yes
VETT-111 Vet Nursing Care I 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-112 Vet Business Procedures 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-113 Small Animal Disease I 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-114 Pharmacology & Med Thera 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-115 Vet Anesth & Surg Asst I 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-116 Vet Diagnostic Imaging I 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-117 Vet Clinical Pathology I 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-118 Veterinary Medical Terminology 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-130 Vet Nursing Care II 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-131 Vet Bus Procedures II 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-132 Small Animal Dis & Med Care II 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-133 Pharm & Med Therapy II 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-134 Vet Anesth & Surg Asst II 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-135 Vet Diagnostic Imaging II 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-136 Vet Clinical Pathology II 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-210 Vet Nursing Care III 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-211 Vet Business Procedures 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-212 Sm Animal Dis & Med Care III 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-213 Pharm & Med Theraputic III 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-214 Vet Anesth & Surg Asst III 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-215 Vet Diagnostic Imaging III 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-216 Vet Clinical Pathology III 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-220 Video Portolio: Veterinary Nursing 1 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-221 Video Portfolio: Vet Anesthesia & Surg Asst 1 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-222 Video Portfolio: Vet Clinical Pathology 1 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-230 Vet Anatomy & Physiology 3 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-231 Lab Animal Dis & Med Care 3 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-232 Lg Animal Dis & Med Care 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-233 Lg Animal Clinical Asst 3 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-235 Lab Animal/Sm Exoctic Clinical Procedure 2 Yes Yes Yes
VETT-236 Emergency and Critical Care Medicine 2 Yes Yes Yes
WELL-115 WC Drilling Comp WO 3 No Yes No