Assessment Committee Mission Statement

Communicate what we Think about Assessment. Learn to Integrate assessment into our teaching practice and Act on it toward continuous improvement.

Rationale for Committee Work

To fulfill our plans for AQIP and Assessment Academy Goals:

  • A Tree Grows in the Desert
  • An Assessment Plan for Institutional-wide Assessment processes

Assessment Action Plan

This plan is meant to be open-ended and flexible to meet the needs of each school. The plan helps show accountability to all stakeholders, including students. It is not meant to be an exhaustive, detailed plan of all assessment activity. Rather, this is an opportunity to systematically focus on particular issues within schools, departments, programs, or courses. It is an opportunity for faculty and staff to engage in focused conversations about course and program outcomes and work across course sections, programs, or departments.

Assessment Loop

  • Identify courses and outcomes on which to focus
  • Map course outcomes to CSLOs and other relevant outcomes and objectives
  • Decide what kind of data to examine
  • Collect assessment data

Assessment Mapping

The goal of this worksheet is to assist faculty in designing an assessment plan by mapping course objectives to program objectives, CSLOs, accreditation objectives (if applicable), and New Mexico core competencies (if applicable). Mapping is a process that creates links between outcomes at various levels. Some programs may find a different way to accomplish this goal.

Assessment Reporting Form

The Reporting form closes the Assessment Loop:

  • Interpret/analyze results of data collection
  • Modify, make decisions on how student learning can be improved based on data analysis
  • Report assessment via school meetings, assessment forums, and institutional forms to demonstrate what we’ve learned and what we plan to do next

Reporting helps keep us accountable by carrying out and reflecting on assessment plans. Through documentation we demonstrate how we work to improve student learning. To close the loop, the assessment report asks that modifications, changes, or decisions be made as a result of assessment efforts. These reports can then be shared in a variety of ways: assessment forums, school meetings, SJC website posting.

The Assessment Committee is available with representatives from each school to assist with any questions or concerns regarding the assessment process. We welcome comments and involvement in committee efforts.