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Business Administration

Business Administration Associate of Arts Degree (AA)

This degree can be completed wholly online, face-to-face or in any combination. The Associate of Arts degree is intended for those students who plan to transfer and continue their education in pursuit of a Bachelors Of Arts degree at a four-year institution. 

Murdoch MaloneyThe program provides students with excellent, practical working knowledge, not only in the field of business, but also in related academic disciplines. With the skills and knowledge provided in the degree, students are able to conceptualize and analyze the principles of business and problem solving as a system.

Assigned advisors work with students to select elective courses that enhance their particular interest.  Students will acquire a general knowledge of the basic business core, which provides students a comprehensive understanding of the discipline's basic functional areas. Interpersonal relations, leadership and decision-making are also emphasized.

This program will help students develop the tools essential to successfully function in the rapidly changing business environment.  These critical tools include basic computer use, written and verbal communication skills as well as an understanding of international business. We prepare you with a broad base of knowledge, giving you a solid start for your 4 year degree and flexibility in your business career.

The curriculum includes business concepts such as accounting, business law, management, marketing and retail sales.  These courses make up the cornerstone of our School of Business Administration Associate of Arts degree program.   The variety of general education and business courses broadens the students understanding in many areas creating opportunities for the business leaders of tomorrow to achieve a high-quality, high-value education that enables them to succeed in a competitive market.

Upon completion of a degree in business administration, students are expected to have the ability to solve problems by applying basic business principles to new and recurring situations.  Students will also be equipped with the tools necessary to conceptualize and analyze decision-making situations in order to facilitate solutions in an effective and timely manner.

"Understanding of the interrelations between academic theory and practice enables students to make effective decisions under  conditions of uncertainty."


For more information, please call Murdoch Maloney at (505) 566-3308. Or send an email to maloneym@sanjuancollege.edu.