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Occupational Safety Certificate and AAS Program Registration Process

Thank you for your interest in the Occupational Safety Degree program. To become a student in the AAS degree program there are several steps you will need to complete, as outlined below.

At any point you need help or have questions please contact Georgia R. Cortez; By Phone: (505) 566-3890; By Email:

Online Readiness

  1. Take some time to take this online readiness questionnaire: It provides you with information on areas you may need to improve in order to be ready to learn online.


  1. Apply for Admission to San Juan College. This may be done online by going to the San Juan College web site at this link: To declare this degree as a major, please select the option listed as AAS.SAFE.OSAF—that is, the AAS degree in Occupational Safety. If you have a problem with this step or anything else related to the admissions application, please contact the Admissions office at (505) 566-3300.


  1. Transcripts will be accepted and evaluated after the student has applied and enrolled in San Juan College. Contact the Occupational Safety advisor if you have questions at (505) 566-3890.

Online New Student Orientation

  1. Go to to complete your online new student orientation at San Juan College.   
  2. If necessary, take the “Accuplacer” placement test. If you have never taken college level math or English, or if it has been several years, you will need to take the Accuplacer placement test to determine which level of English or Math course you need to register for. (The college holds that students must have completed a college level math course within the last 2 years (possibly 3, depending) OR they must take the Accuplacer in Math). You may need to take some refresher courses before you are ready to take the AAS requirements listed on the degree plan. Please read the attached Accuplacer information sheet for detailed information about taking the test online. You may contact
  3.  Amanda Robles in the Advising and Counseling Center, 566-3526, or email if you have questions about the information provided.


  1. After you have received confirmation of your admission to the college and completed the online orientation, register for classes using the online “WebAdvisor” ( system on the San Juan College web site. If you need help with registering for classes use the Registration Cheat Sheet. Please review the appropriate degree plan for the required courses.  Your Occupational Safety Advisor, Georgia Cortez,  will provide you with a recommended sequence and maximum number of SAFE courses to register for.  You will find the course descriptions for all the Occupational Safety courses here. You will need your San Juan College login (username) and password as follows:

    Username: first initial, middle initial, last name (first 12 characters only), last two digits of your Social Security number, for example: fmlastname23
    Password: Use sjcp#### (the letters “sjcp” followed by the last 4 digits of your Social Security number)

    If you have any problems logging in, please contact the SJC Help Desk at 505.566.3266, or


  1. Pay your tuition. Payment can be made online on the San Juan College home page (
    1. Choose the Apply/Register and Pay link.
    2. Scroll down to the Pay option and choose pay in full immediately.
    3. Log in to Web Advisor (you’ll need your user name and password; see above) and follow the payment directions from there.
    4. San Juan College tuition will be $46.00 per credit hour in-state and $146.00 per credit hour out-of-state.

       Textbooks for SAFE courses

  1. Purchase textbooks: The textbooks for the safety courses are available at or from the San Juan College bookstore. The Safety Professionals Handbook,Technical Applications and The Safety Professionals Handbook, Management Applications (Vol. 1 & 2) may also be purchased directly from ASSE online at, or you may call ASSE at (847) 699-2929. These books will be used for all 18 credit hours of the SAFE courses (SAFE 250 – SAFE 261). ASSE members may get a discount on the books. Student memberships are $15/year. Learn more by going to the ASSE web site, and following the links for Membership/join where you may join as a member or a student.

    Textbooks for General Ed Courses

    If you need to purchase General Ed course textbooks the SJC Bookstore has the following requirements: the textbooks for the general education courses ONLY are available through the San Juan College bookstore, 505.566.3260. Call the bookstore; provide your course number and section, your name, address, and credit card number, and they will ship the books to you via standard Fed Ex ground. This process can take a week or more, so plan ahead. Students enrolled in online program must go to to print the “Online Student Bookstore Voucher” form. It must be notarized, and the book store will need copy of your schedule and copy of driver's license.

    The Bookstore has its own web site:, which gives students 24-hour access to all the information they may need. They can place orders online and books shipped directly to them or to the Bookstore.

Course Considerations

 9.   All Occupational Safety courses are fully accredited courses of instruction that meet the requirements of the State of New Mexico's Higher Education Department and the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Accreditation Association.  They are not canned Computer Based Training (CBT) courses or correspondence courses.  The twelve SAFE courses that make up the Occupational Safety Certificate program have instructors that are subject matter experts in their respective fields who will interact with students throughout the course of instruction.

Each credit hour of instruction requires approximately 15 hours of student work, not including the reading assignments.  The classes employ micro-lectures for each lesson where the instructors introduce and give an overview of the lesson content.  Each lesson contains a reading assignment from the textbooks with a short lesson assignment.  In order to enchance the learning process, all SAFE courses utilize Problem Based Learning Scenarios (PBL's) which allow students that are new to the field of safety to apply what they have learned in the lessons, while giving experienced safety personnel a chance to brush up on their skills.

The final exam in all SAFE courses are designed as learning tools that are not simply a traditional compilation of the same questions that are asked in the lesson quizzes, instead, the final exam is an open book exam designed to enhance the ability of students to actually use the textbooks, which are the two volume set of the American Society of Safety Engineers Handbook, as a reference guide.

Course Length

10. General Education courses typically run the full semester, 16 weeks, unless otherwise stated in the course schedule. Safety courses (SAFE prefix) run for 8 weeks. Contact the Occupational Safety Online advisor for the recommended course sequence and the maximum courses allowed per 8 week session.  To access online courses, you will need to use your San Juan College login and password to connect to the Canvas course delivery system at If you have any problems logging in, please contact the SJC Help Desk at 505.566.3266, or

First Day of the Course "Access Information"

11.    On the first day of class you can access the Canvas Learning Management System (where your courses will be listed.) You will use your San Juan College (SJC) student account or bookmark the link below to go directly to the Canvas system. You will use your student login id and password to enter the program.  Below is the information for your username and password.



Username: first initial, middle initial, last name (first 12 characters only), last two digits of your Social Security number, for example: fmlastname23
Password: Use sjcp#### (the letters sjcp followed by the last 4 digits of your Social Security number)

If you have any problems logging in, please contact the SJC Help Desk at 505.566.3266, or It takes 24 hours after you apply to be an SJC student to gain access to your SJC student account.

This is the link for the Canvas Learning Management System:


San Juan College (SJC) is accredited through Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association. SJC is using the Higher Learning Commission AQIP (Academic Quality Improvement Project) process and have been reaccredited in 2008 for seven years (maximum AQIP accreditation period).

For more information, please call School of Energy at (505) 327-5705.