School of Energy Directory and Contact Information

Mailing Address

San Juan College
School of Energy
4601 College Blvd.
Farmington, NM 87402

Physical Address

800 S. Hutton
Farmington, NM 87401

Telephone: (505) 327-5705, or Toll Free: (866) 426-1233

Click the name to Email unless otherwise noted, use (505) 327-5705
Pacheco, Randy Dean, School of Energy ext. 240
Adams, Michael Instructor, Safety 566-3890
Arellano, Jake Instructor, Operations Apprenticeship 598-7970
Arnold, Mike Instructor, CDL 632-0619
Bair, Susan Instructor, Lease Operator 244
Bates, Keith Instructor, CDL 632-0619
Beaty, Aaron Instructor, Safety 203
Blevins, Brenda Administrative Assistant 566-3829
Burns, Tom Instructor, IPOP 566-3886
Burson, Bill Instructor, IPOP 566-3885
Caine, Chris Instructor, CDL 632-0619
Cortez, Georgia Instructor, Occupational Safety 566-3890
Nelson, Cadava Instructor, Safety ext. 217
Golombowski, George Instructor, IPOP 566-3865
Greenaker, Rick Instructor, CDL 632-0619
Greenfield, Dedi Account Technician ext. 241
Hudson, Tom Instructor, Safety ext. 245
Jinks, Gary Instructor, Occupational Safety 566-3894
John, Ray Instructor, IPOP 566-3887
Johnson, Ken Coordinator, Lease Operator ext. 206
Julian, Keith Instructor, Energy & Petroleum Geology 327-5705
King, Carmen Administrative Assistant Ext. 200
Lang, Diana Manager, Equipment Acquisition and Utilization 566-3892
Lesscher, Jos Instructor, Safety ext. 201
Lindsay, Mike Instructor, Mechanic Apprenticeship 598-7882
Munson, Tom Coordinator, Renewable Energy 566-3003
Marquez, Pedro Intructor
Oltmanns, Randy Safety Instructor ext. 201
Otero, Tony Coordinator, Industrial Process Operator (IPOP) 566-3885
Patscheck, Dean Instructor, Occupational Safety & Safety Training 566-3891
Prather, John Instructor, Safety 566-3418
Randall, Randy Coordinator, Natural Gas Compression ext. 265
Redenbach, Marie Administrative Assistant 632-0619
Roberts, Charlene Instructor, Safety 566-3890
Smiley, Bryan Instructor, CDL 632-0619
Stavely, Phillip "Butch" Instructor, Natural Gas Process Ext. 215
Tiehen, Maury Coordinator, Commercial Driver's License (CDL) ext. 255
Tingley, Roger Instructor, CDL 632-0619
Toward, Kim Admissions Clerk ext. 201
Welch, Les Instructor, CDL 632-0619
Whitaker, Gary Instructor, Natural Gas Compression ext. 255
Wilcox, James Instructor, CDL 632-0619

Program Faculty

Phil Armenta
Phil Armenta
Well Control Instructor

Carl Bickford
Carl Bickford
Professor of Engineering and Renewable Energy

Steve Gerencser
Steve Gerencser

Mark Johnson, Ph.D., P.E.
Mark Johnson, Ph.D., P.E.
Assistant Professor

For more information, please call School of Energy at (505) 327-5705, or toll free, (866) 426-1233.