Respiratory Therapy

Mission and Philosophy of San Juan College

The mission of San Juan College is to improve the quality of life of the citizens it serves by meeting the educational and human needs of the entire community in concert with community agencies, businesses, industries, and other groups.

San Juan College asserts these fundamental beliefs:

  • That every individual has inherent worth and potential, regardless of race, sex, age, socioeconomic group, or other factors, and the College pledges itself to provide a variety of programs and activities to develop that potential.
  • That San Juan College is strongly community-based and anticipates, as well as responds to, the changing needs of the community while at the same time remaining accountable to its constituency.
  • That education is a life-long process and every individual has a capacity for life-long learning; the community college is a fundamental provider in this quest.
  • That San Juan College promotes cultural and enrichment activities and responds to community interest.
  • That the College has a responsibility to the community and nation in assisting in the solution of the great problems that affect us at every level.

Mission and Philosophy of the Respiratory Therapy Program

The mission of the Respiratory Therapy Program is to contribute to the healthcare needs of the community by preparing graduates in the practice of their profession as respiratory care practitioners.

The Respiratory Therapy Program asserts these beliefs:

  • That a respiratory therapy student is considered an adult learner interested in an educational opportunity to study and learn the art and science of respiratory therapy; and to achieve competence in the practice of the profession, and to develop and assume leadership roles in the field of respiratory care science.
  • That education is a life-long learning process where respiratory therapists and other healthcare professionals will continue to improve their competencies in patient care through continuing education and career advancement.
  • That graduates of the Respiratory Therapy Program will serve their respective communities by becoming involved in programs or activities that will promote wellness and good health practices related to respiratory care through patient education, asthma education, smoking cessation program, and other relevant programs.
  • That graduates of the Respiratory Therapy Program will be able to work with colleagues, patients and other professionals in a culturally diverse environment.

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