Degree Seeking Continuing SJC Students

If you were enrolled in at least one SJC credit course the previous semester, you maintain this status even if you withdrew from college before the end of the semester.

DO NOT reapply for Admission.

If you took at least one credit course last semester and have completed a minimum of 24 credits, you are ready to register for classes. If you have completed less than 25 credits you will need to visit with your advisor to discuss your academic plan. You can visit your advisor in the Advising and Counseling Center in the Educational Services Building. To make an appointment, please call (505) 566-3526.


2 ways to register for courses

1.    On the Student Portal using WebAdvisor or Academic Planning.
2.    In-Person at the Enrollment Services Office in the Educational Services Building.


Important Reminders

  • You may qualify for financial aid; visit the Financial Aid web page BEFORE registering for classes.
  • Full payment of all charges including tuition, fees, and books is due by the payment deadline posted in the current semester’s schedule.
  • Please see the current Academic Calendar for registration periods and other important dates and deadlines