About Us


CJTA is a consortium of the city and county governments of San Juan County, San Juan College and the New Mexico State Police, created to address the training needs of all public safety employees in the county. Employees of non-CJTA member agencies are welcome to attend our training as well, for a small tuition fee. All the participating agencies are bound by a joint powers agreement and each contributes cash, physical facilities, equipment, and/or personnel to our operation.

The CJTA main offices are housed at San Juan College and we have a 44 acre training facility west of Farmington, New Mexico, with computerized, state of the art shooting ranges and a dynamic, multiple path driving track and skid pan that is superior to any other in the southwest United States. The training facility also houses classrooms and a gym.


The goal of CJTA is to provide virtually all of the police and dispatcher training needed in San Juan County - from basic training to continuing education throughout the employee's career. Many of our training curricula are dovetailed into San Juan College's degree programs such that students can satisfy job-related educational requirements and statutorily mandated training requirements while simultaneously earning credit toward one of SJC's Associate Degree programs. We are constantly developing new courses of instruction toward these ends.


CJTA runs three different schools: Basic Training, Advanced/ Specialized Training, and In-Service Training. Practically all of our basic academy students are first hired by a law enforcement agency, but it is possible for civilian students to sponsor themselves in the basic academy at their own expense. They are held to the same entrance, performance and achievement standards as commissioned officers and upon completion of the academy they will be certifiable as police officers in New Mexico.

The Advanced/Specialized training offerings are open to any commissioned or civilian public safety employee.

The In-Service classes are designed to help New Mexico commissioned officers satisfy their statutorily mandated continuing education requirements.

We rely on about 80 contract and part-time instructors from a variety of backgrounds to deliver a superior educational experience.


Lonnie Anderson

Phil Gallegos
Assistant Director

Clay Calkins
Lead Instructor

MegAnn Wheeler
Administrative Assistant