Basic Police Academy

Our basic training police officer academy is a 961+ hour program that is conducted over a 25 week period. Students begin class at 7:00 am and are usually dismissed at 4:00 pm, although there are some nights and weekends required throughout the program.

CJTA's basic police officer academy has always been about 800 hours in length, a standard that other academies - including the state law enforcement academy - have just recently moved up to. The academy program utilizes about 80 different instructors and provides a superior training experience.

Most of our students are those who have already been employed by a police department and are sent here to be trained and certified. It is possible for individuals to sponsor themselves in the program, but they must meet the same testing criteria and pass the same background investigation as a police officer student to be admitted. Additionally, the individual would be responsible for all tuition and fees associated with the program. If you're interested in sponsoring yourself, call us at (505) 566-3547 or send us an e-mail for more information.

Download a copy of the police officer application packet or the radio dispatcher application packet in PDF formats by following these links.