Training Announcements

To apply for one of these classes, simply download the Advanced Training Application, fill it out and fax it to: (505) 566-3668

NMLEA Advanced Training Application
CJTA Advanced Training Application

Firearms Instructor Refresher Course

This course of instruction is 16 hours of mandatory training the officer must complete in order to get recertification.

Each Student must bring: Duty Handgun with at least 300 rounds, minimum of 3 spare magazines, duty gear to include holster, magazine pouch, flashlight, eye protection including clear for night fire, ear protection, body armor.

Firearms Instructor Refresher course description

Crime Scene Reconstruction I

This course of instruction is designed for investigators, crime scene technicians, forensic technicians, and others involved in criminal and medical-legal investigations and crime scene analysis. The course is intended to develop a fundamental knowledge of appropriate hypothesis development and testing procedures and provide an objective form of defining the events associated with a complex crime (Event Analysis). The course syllabus is not intended to create an "instant" expert. This course is not a crime scene processing course.

Crime Scene Reconstruction I course description

Threat & Risk Assessment

This course prepares emergency response managers, community leaders, private sector, non-government organizations, and tribal leaders to conduct a comprehensive, capabilities-based threat and risk assessment for a terrorism/all-hazards incident under the National Response Framework (NRF), National Preparedness Guidelines and Homeland Security Presidential Directives. Participant activities focus on the jurisdictional process for determining the ability to respond to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) and all-hazards events and the development of the needs assessment to fill shortfall/gaps identified within the solution areas. The course delivery combines lecture, small group discussions, participant activities, and multimedia scenarios to improve the multi disciplinary emergency team's capability to prevent, protect, respond to, or recover from CBRNE/all-hazards mass casualty events.

Threat & Risk Assessment course description