Withdrawing from all Courses


A student may withdraw from all courses during a semester by completing the Student Withdrawal Form. Even if you are only enrolled in one course, and you wish to drop that course, you are completely withdrawing from all courses.

The deadline to completly withdraw from your courses varies by semester. Please refer to the current semester schedule for the deadline.


Students cannot withdraw from all courses via WebAdvisor

Students wishing to withdraw from all their courses can:

  • Come to the Enrollment Services Office in the Educational Services Building (Clock Tower) and complete the Student Withdrawal Form
  • Write a letter requesting to be withdrawn from all your courses. The letter must include the following
  1. Full Name
  2. Student ID number
  3. Term from which you are withdrawing
  4. Signature (Unless the letter is being sent from your official SJC student email address)

Methods for submitting your Request for Withdraw letter:

  • Mail to:

San Juan College Enrollment Services

4601 College Blvd.

Farmington, NM 87402

IMPORTANT: Withdrawal will be effective as of the date the Request for Withdraw Letter is received by the SJC Enrollment Services Office.