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From the desk of
Toni Pendergrass

Toni Pendergrass

With today’s fast pace and increasing demands in the workplace, employers expect and need their employees to be on top of their game – and that means enhancing their skill set, maintaining a positive attitude and reliable work ethic.

The Center for Workforce Training is just the place to obtain the skills and education needed within a short timeframe.

Not many will argue how important ethics are in the workplace. With the new class, Bring Your “A” Game to Work, students will learn how to encompass work ethic behaviors that drive job placement, performance and retention.

Possessing good communication skills is vital to succeed in today’s workplace – especially in challenging situations. In Difficult Conversations, participants will learn how manage intense conversations, deliver bad news, establish rapport and how to apologize.

Negotiation skills are another vital component to succeed in the workplace. Negotiating for Results is a two-day workshop that will provide participants with the tools to promote effective communication and provides techniques that turn face-to-face confrontation into sideby-side problem solving.

No matter what types of workplace skills you are seeking, the Center for Workforce Training o ers just what you need. We are here to help you achieve your goals and reach new heights in your career. Thank you for choosing us!

Toni Pendergrass
San Juan College