“The series of paintings and drawings I’ve titled ‘Light Structures,’ has developed over the last 20 years. Where once my work concentrated on the figure in autobiographical studies, I now focus that sense of autobiography within a landscape context. My work continues to explore questions about how we are acculturated and socialized, and therefore, how we view our landscape as we are trained by society. I explore an idea that our socialization causes us to view our environment in very conditioned ways, gender and role-playing being significant factors. Women have traditionally been trained to experience our environment from a limited, or ‘bounded,’ perspective, ie: from the intimacy of home and garden; whereas men have traditionally been encouraged to view the space around them with the panoramic vision of ‘manifest destiny.’ In understanding this, I seek to contrast intimate and easily overlooked spaces with vast, deep spaces, creating opposition in and of view.”


1986 - BFA in painting from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa; 1989 - MFA from West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV

Teaching Affiliations:

1998-2000, Adjunct Instructor, Colorado Mountain College, Timberline Campus, Salida, CO.; 1992-1996, Assistant Professor, Adams State College, Alamosa, CO.; 1990-1991, Instructor, Muskingum College, New Concord, Ohio.; 1989-1990, Instructor, Fairmont State College, Fairmont, WV.; 1987-1989, Graduate Teaching Assistant, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV.; 1987-2009, Workshops in painting and drawing for adults at colleges, arts centers, and private galleries.

Community Involvement / Other Accomplishments

She maintains her studio and gallery in Saguache, Colorado, and exhibits her work nationally and internationally; 2000 - East-West Exchange Exhibitions, Taiki Kurodo, Eileen Keane, Yokkaichi-shi, Japan, and Blair Meerfeld, Marty Mitchell, Saguache, CO., works in each others’ galleries

Artist Exhibits

2010 - “Artful Bras,” fiber piece for juried group exhibit to raise funds for Chaffee County Mammography Center, Art Matters Gallery, Salida, CO., January

2010 - “Wide Open Spaces, Art for the Valley,” traveling group invitational, various locations, CO; 2009, “Perspectives,” group invitational, Rock Run Gallery, Buena Vista, CO. December; 2008 - ”New Works,” 2-person invitational, Arkansas Valley Art Center, Buena Vista, CO, March-May; “Confluence,” group invitational, Shy Rabbit Contemporary Arts, Pagosa Springs, CO, January-March; 2007 - “Teaching Art,” group exhibition of faculty since 1931, Adams State College, Alamosa, CO, September; 2006, Commission pieces for Colorado Prevention Center, Denver, CO; 2005, “Earth and Light Structures,” 2-person invitational, Western Center for the Arts, Grand Junction, CO, October; “m&m,” 2-person invitational, Blue Dome Gallery, Silver City, NM, February; 2002, “15th Anniversary Invitiational Exhibit,” Tointon Gallery, Greeley, CO, September-October; “Earth and Light Structures,” 2-person invitational, Commonwheel Gallery, Manitou Springs, CO, June

2009 - “To Be Continued…….,” show and sale, Meerfeld Stoneware, Saguache, CO., April; 2007, “Light Structures,” 1-person exhibition, Rue 32 Gallery, Denver, CO, April-June; 2004, “Light Structures,” 1-person exhibition, Kevin Saehlenou Gallery, Denver, CO, November; 2003, “New Work,” 1-person exhibition, Abbey Lane Gallery, Creede, CO, May; “Light Structures,” 1-person exhibition, Colordao Mountain College, Leadville, CO, January-February

2008 - ”2008 Fine Art Market Show and Sale,” group exhibition, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, CO. December; 2008 & 2007 - Fiber Piece for Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, Howard County, MD, May; 2002 - “Earth and Light Structures,” 2-person exhibition, Concordia University, St Paul, MN, February-March

2008, Cover Art, Colorado Central Magazine, November, March; 2007, Cover Art, Colorado Central Magazine, November; Featured in “Artful Vision,” Better Homes and Gardens Before and After, Early Spring; 2003, Featured in “Artists in Residence,” Better Homes and Gardens Do It Yourself, Fall; Featured in “3 Fabulous Baths,” Natural Home Magazine, Summer; 2000, Author, “Blair Meerfeld,” Ceramics Monthly, February; 1999, Featured in “Give Them the Simple Life,” Colorado Homes and Lifestyles, May-June; 1997 & 1999, Author, “Meerfeld Stoneware,” Welcome to Saguache; 1989, Author, “Laurel Robinson,” Art Papers, November-December; 1987-1988, Cover Art, Cedar Rapids Symphony, Season Program

Biographical Resources

artist, http://www.rue32gallery.com/artists/mitchell.html

Light Structure, Summer, #232
Light Structure, Summer, #232

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