Ongoing Encore Activities

Encore ActivitiesEach month, join Encore for regular activities:

  • Encore Brown Bag meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 11:30am in room 1908. Join other Encore participants for a monthly speaker on topics of general interest, covering community topics such as Gangs in our Community, Avoiding Scams, and China: The Forbidden City.
  • Cracker Barrel meets on the third Tuesday of each month in room 1907 or 1908. If you have a lot to say (and are willing to listen as well!) join our monthly Encore Cracker Barrel discussion. Help us solve the world’s problems!
  • Encore Dine Out meets on the last Wednesday of each month. Encore invites all interested people to a once-a-month evening of dining at a local restaurant. No program, no meetings, no dues—just food and fellowship. Call 566-3121 for more information.