Family Support Services

Family based services are a model for family-centered practice. They are designed to strengthen, educate, teach new skills, assist parents to build a social support network and connect families to other resources which will promote the safety and well being of children and their families.

Family Support Services will work with families with intense needs for parenting assistance or those in danger of abuse or neglect and who desire to make changes. We collaborate closely with Child Protective Services, schools, and community agencies. Who may be served?

  • Families who are residents of San Juan County and United States citizens.
  • Families with children ages birth to 12 years
  • The family may be self-referred, community-referred or referred through Child Protective Services.

Services can be offered individually, or in family and/or group settings. Hours are flexible for working families, so call the Family Resource Center for more information. Support services include:

  • Homebased parent support
  • A focus on family strengths and family-centered practices which are designed to strengthen, educate, and teach new skills. A partnering with families to promote family stability and support family access to community resources.
  • An inclusion and responsiveness to ethnic, cultural, and community diversity
  • Focus on child and family safety
  • Time Limited Services for families (4- to 6-month programs)

Prenatal education and case management

  • Families First
    • Provide assistance with Medicaid applications for children and pregnant women
    • Case management services as determined by families' Salud managed care organization
    • Ages and Stages Questionnaire developmental screening for children
    • Referrals to other community resources and services as families need
    • Home visitation focused on prenatal wellness and child health
  • Maternal mental health groups focusing on the psychological and emotional issues of pregnancy and becoming mothers
  • Collaboration with Family Support to serve non-Medicaid-eligible women and babies
  • Adolescent Health program
    • Parenting Skills classes for pregnant and parenting teens in the high school setting
    • Teen Peer Health classes to encourage teens to become peer mentors around teen-identified issues

Parent education and support

  • Parenting classes
  • Home-based parent support
  • Client service management
  • Parent-infant relational support
  • Reactive attachment disorder group
  • Life skills groups for adults and children