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Vehicle Information

All college vehicles (purchased and donated, including those vehicles used for instructional use only) must have titles in the college's name; however, vehicles from corporate-sponsored programs are exempt from this requirement.  Vehicles that are driven must be registered and licensed in the college's name with the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Department.  All such documentation is obtained and maintained by coordinator.

To begin the process, please provide the following documents and information to the coordinator:

Purchased Vehicles

  • Copy of San Juan College Purchase Order
  • Original Dealer's Invoice
  • Original Dealer's Bill of Sale
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement
  • Certificate of Title
  • State of New Mexico Motor Vehicle Application for Vehicle Title and Registration (this is generally completed by the dealer)

Donated Vehicles (or parts)      

The college cannot accept possession of donated vehicles (or parts) until approved by the Donation Committee.  Please contact the Purchasing Office for information regarding donations. 

  • Copy of approved and signed San Juan College's "Request to Accept Donated Goods, Materials, or Property" form, available from the Forms Library. 
  • Copy of San Juan College's Donation Committee minutes indicating approval to accept vehicle donation.
  • Certificate of Title
  • For parts only: A cover memo, signed by donor and appropriate SJC Dean, detailing:
    • Year, make, model, VIN and license plate of vehicle 
    • Parts to be donated
    • Who is responsible for removing said parts from the vehicle (if SJC, the memo must indicate the dates the donor will drop off and retrieve the vehicle) 

Additional information for donated and instructional vehicles may be requested as needed. Upon receipt of all required documentation, the coordinator will obtain the proper title, registration, and license plates as needed.

Staff Listing 

Shelley R. Pickett Karen King
Risk Management Coordinator Coordinator
Phone: 505.566.3454 Phone: 505.566.3408
Fax:     505.566.3355 Fax:     505.566.3355
Educational Services Building, Room 4144 Educational Services Building, Room 4146

Please note that to avoid delays and ensure proper processing, all documents must be date stamped.  The date stamp is located on a table just inside the Business Office, next to cashiers.  Thank you!


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm