Creative Writing

Creative Writing Program Overview

Creative Writing (CER.LBAS.CRWR) 24 credit hours


The Creative Writing Certificate Program at San Juan College is designed for students to develop, expand, and refine their writing skills in an invigorating and supportive environment. The faculty encourages students to master such genres as fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction and also to explore new arenas of imagination and expression. A core focus of this writing-intensive program is on the craft of writing—commanding the language and using it effectively and fluently. A selection of literature courses enhances the creative writing element and exposes students to the works of great authors—both classic and contemporary. Most of the courses are offered online; the certificate can be earned from anywhere in the world.

Graduates of the San Juan College Creative Writing Program are well prepared to pursue a bachelor's degree in creative writing at a four-year university or a master of fine arts degree.

Meet the Creative Writing Program Faculty

Creative Writing Program Faculty

From left: William Gray, Kimberly Williams, Traci Halesvass, Virgil Mathes, Denise Hinson, Russ Whiting

For more information, please call William Gray at 505-566-3646. Or send an email to