Center for Teaching Excellence
Assessment Resources 

Classroom Assessment Techniques Techniques for Teaching and Learning
Assessment is More than Keeping Score Moving from inquiry, through interpretation, to action 
Test Item Bias Review  When decisions are made based in test scores, it is critical to avoid bias 
The Knowledge Survey  A Tool for All Reasons 
A Mid-semester Survey  Use this simple survey to get feedback from your students 
Rubrics  A scoring guide used in subjective assessments 
Improving Multiple Choice Tests  Paper by Clegg & Cashin 
Writing and Grading Essay Questions  Article from the University of North Carolina 
Improving Essay Tests  Paper by Cashin
Grading Systems Article from the University of North Carolina
Best Practices for Designing and Grading Exams  Paper by Piontek 
Promoting Academic Integrity in the Classroom  Paper by Meizlish 
Automotive Technology Program Sample Passport  A formal document of accomplishments, similar to a portfolio 
Career Passports, Prtfolios, and Certificates A paper by Wonacott
Transition Pathways - Student Passports From 
Practice Assessment Documents and Skills Passports A full nursing program skills passport 
A Guide to the Student Passport  Example of how a passport program works