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Plagiarism and Illegal downloading


College Student's Guide to Citation Styles Descriptions of each of the citation styles used in colleges
Resources on Citing: The Trademark of a Good Writer Information on Citing sources
The International Center for Academic Integrity Provides a forum to identify, affirm, and promote the values of academic integrity.
Steering Clear of Plagiarism in the College Crunch Resources on College Plagiarism
A "Web Scrapbook" on Sticky Plagiarism Issues.
The Writing Progam Administrators Statement of best ractices.
Website to help educators develop a sense of what plagiarism means.
Resource offering advice on how to avoid plagiarism.
How to use Google and other Web resources to detect plagiarism.
Additional software for detecting plagiarism.
Some programs may put your system and your campus network at risk.
A Lesson in Academic Integrity Students feel the injustice of plagiarism.
College students remain a very significant part of the illegal downloading problem.
The HiEd Opportunity Act requires legal alternatives to unauthorized downloading.
Understanding and Preventing Plariarism Strategies and Resources