Center for Teaching Excellence
Adjunct Academy

Adjunct Academy provides an opportunity to network with colleagues and experience a variety of teaching and learning strategies. The facilitator uses a collaborative approach to guide participants in developing their own teaching philosophies and creating a collegial environment. Whether you are new to teaching or are new to teaching at San Juan College, you won’t want to miss this unique learning experience!

Up to 15 adjunct faculty form a cohort each semester that read common texts about teaching philosophies, preparing to teach, motivating students to learn, and continuing to grow as teachers. Rather than focusing on specific teaching techniques, this academy is focused on engaging participants in self-analysis and reflection about what they love about teaching. The sessions and readings focus on the macro issues of why we teach and what makes a good teacher at San Juan College by addressing questions such as: 

  • Why did I choose to be a teacher? 
  • What should I know about San Juan College students? 
  • How do I approach teaching? 
  • What do I want students to learn? 
  • How can I motivate students to learn and teach in a way that is accessible to them? 

Upon completion of the first semester, participants may choose to continue Adjunct Academy for a second semester by selecting more specific teaching techniques session topics such as:

  • Leading Effective Discussions
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques
  • Learning Styles and their Implications
  • Cooperative Learning
  • Instructional Technology as a Classroom Tool
  • Experiential Education
  • Reflective Teaching
  • Making the Lecture a Learning Experience
  • Applying Brain-Based Research to Teaching and Learning
  • Authentic Assessment
  • Developing and Evaluating Writing Activities and Assessments
  • Teaching Online

The next cohort of Adjunct Academy begins in September, 2015.

For detailed information about Adjunct Academy, please see the brochure, schedule, course guide, and application.