There are six main areas of wellness. These areas of wellness include:  physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, social, and intellectual.


1.  Physical is an overall felling of physical well being. It can include but not exclusive to a reduction to the susceptibility to diseases and improved body size and shape.  Other considerations include a regular exercise program, healthy eating habits, not smoking, and eliminating or reducing alcohol consumption.

 2.  Social health is the ability to get along with others while interacting at various levels and appreciating the diversity of people.  For social wellness it is also important to have satisfying relationships and be adaptable in social situations.

3.  Emotional health is having a positive mental state.  There are three main areas that include awareness, acceptance, and management.  Awareness is recognizing your own feelings as well as those around you.  Acceptance means understanding normal human emotions and how they apply to you and others.  Management is accepting that each individual is responsible for their own emotions and controlling them in an appropriate manner.

 4.  Intellectual is using the mind and keeping it active.  The mind can be kept active in a formal or informal educational setting.  The mind needs to be stimulated on a daily basis by writing, reading, studying new concepts and ideas, being aware of current events and a multitude of other activities.
5.  Environmental wellness can involve many aspects, not only water, soil, air and product use.  It can include our environments at home and work.  Are these places pleasant, safe places for living and work? Are my surroundings hazard free as possible? Am I working to preserve my environment?  It is important to address all these issues for a healthy, safe and enjoyable environment.

6.  Spirituality can be a combination of several things.  It can mean a specific religion and/or the development of the inner self, a purpose in life, understanding of a higher power, and fulfillment of life.  Part of spirituality involves knowing how to experience love, joy, peace and fulfillment and accomplishing it for the individual and helping others among you accomplish it.

 Wellness is a dynamic process.  People need to continually work to improve and accomplish their goals.  Wellness in all the areas does not occur at once and usually a person is stronger in some areas than others.  When doing a personal wellness assessment remember to be honest with yourself.  It will not do you any good, if you really want to improve, to not really look at each area of wellness and truly assess honestly.  Always be aware of personal capabilities.  Each of you have personal limitations whether it is age, physical limitations, opportunities, or any number of obstacles.  Just remember to work and change the factors within your control and ability.  It is important to continue the process of improvement throughout a lifetime and remember that half the fun is the journey and not the arrival.
In addition to balancing the six areas of wellness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is important to manage your stress.  There are many techinques and opportunities to reduce your stress level.