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Most Renewable Energy materials are shelved in LC Call # TJ 808 – TJ 825, but also TH, TK, and others.

Specific materials can be found in the library catalog by using these:

General subject terms:

  • Renewable energy sources
  • Power sources
  • Energy conservation

    Alternative energy

Specific subject terms:

  • Water-power
  • Solar power
  • Wind power
  • Geothermal resources
  • Dwellings – Energy conservation
  • Photovoltaic power systems

Examples of Print sources:

TJ 808 .S3313 2002
Scheer, Herman.
The Solar Economy: renewable energy for a sustainable global future

HC 79 .E5 P42 1992
Peet, John.
Energy and the ecological economics of sustainability.

HD 9505 .U63 2002
New Mexico's energy, present and future: policy, production, economics, and the environment.

TH 4840 .E95 2002
Ewing, Rex A. and LaVonne.
Logs, wind and sun: handcraft your own log home…then power it with nature.

G 1381 .P3 R45 2002
Renewable energy atlas of the West: a guide to the region's resource potential.

TH 7414 . C475 2002
Chiras, Daniel D.
The Solar house: passive heating and cooling.

TJ 820 .M374 2002
Manwell, J. F. et al.
Wind energy explained: theory, design and application.

TJ 163.3 .R45 2002
Renewable energy: trends and prospects.

REF TJ 808n.B476 2001
Berinstein, Paula.
Alternative energy: facts, statistics, and issues.

REF TJ 163.2 .E4555 2002
Energy alternatives: opposing viewpoints


New Mexico State Documents:
Various state energy agencies publish information about Renewable Energy inititatives in New Mexico.

Most are located in NM X 800.
Check with reference staff for the locations of other documents.


The library has the following videos about renewable energy and sustainability issues. They are available for overnight checkout and are located behind the circulation desk.

  • Economics: reinventing the world
    REF HC 106 .R34 2000
  • The End of Suburbia: oil depeletion and the collapse of the American Dream
    HT352 .U6 E54 2004
  • The Greening of Cuba
    REF S 605.5 .G73 1996
  • Kilowatt ours: a plan to re-energize America
    REF TJ 163.4 .S64 B377 2004
  • Renewable power: Earth's clean energy destiny
    REF TJ 808 .R46 1999
  • Residential microhydro power with Don Harris
    REF TK 1081 .H27X 1997
  • Residential solar electricity with Johnny Weiss
    REF TH 7414 .I58 1996
  • Residential wind power with Mike Sagrillo
    REF TJ 828 .S24 1996
  • Siemens solar basic photovoltaic technology course (8 volumes)
    REF TK 1087 .R44 1995
  • Solar water pumping with Windy Dankoff
    REF TJ 912 .D26X 1997
  • Storage batteries for renewable energy systems with Richard Perez
    REF TK 2941 .P47X 1997
  • Subdivide and conquer: a modern Western
    REF HD 209 .S9 1999


The library provides the following journals:

  • Home Power
    1987-2004 (CD-ROM), Aug 2004 - present (Paper)
  • Renewable energy world

Please view our Online Databases page for online access to additional journal and magazine articles about Renewable Energy.


Online Sources

Find useful Renewable Energy information on our Internet Resources page.



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