Program Plan

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3.0 credits PHOT-150: Basic Photography
This course is designed for the beginning photography student. The students will learn camera operation, the interaction of light on film, design principles, lighting, film processing, and printing black and white photographs in the darkroom. An introduction to the history of photography will enable students to understand the context of photography and image creation. Students must have a 35mm film camera with manual controls.
Offered: FALL
3.0 credits PHOT-160: Digital Photography
This course teaches basic digital editing using PhotoShop CS4. Students will learn how to operate a digital camera, download images, basic editing workflow and printing. Color theory will be introduced and creating artistic visual images will be emphasized. Students must have a digital camera with manual controls.
Offered: FASP
3.0 credits PHOT-220: Intermediate Photography
This course will introduce fine art film and printing techniques using the Zone System. Different films, papers and developers will be explored. The process of interpreting, evaluating and theorizing photographs will be discussed. Presentation methods will be explored and an emphasis will be on creating a strong portfolio of images.
Prerequisites: Take PHOT-150.
Offered: FASP
3.0 credits PHOT-240: Intermediate Digital Photography
This course explores creativity and the making of personal images in the context of understanding visual culture and self-expression. Students will explore their interest in photography and learn to 'see' as a photographer. Student will become proficient in writing and talking about photographs and how this impacts their own work. The course covers other photographers and art theory. The course uses Photoshop CS4 for editing and enhancing images. Included in class time is a lab.
Prerequisites: Take PHOT-160.
Offered: SP
3.0 credits PHOT-252: Advanced Photography
Advanced concepts of photography will be explored resulting in the development of a personal portfolio of images.
Prerequisites: Take PHOT-220.
Offered: FALL
1.0 - 4.0 credits PHOT-299: Special Topics
Special or specific topic course to meet the needs of students. Topics and credits are announced in the Schedule of Classes. These courses may be used as electives for Associate degree requirements. May be repeated one or more times for additional credit. No more than 6 credits of special topic courses can be used toward a degree.
Offered: DMND