College Automotive Program

Kerry Meier — Automotive Technology Coordinator

Kerry Meier
Department School of Trades & Technology
Office Automotive - 2403
Phone 505-566-3388

Degrees Received

  • B/S Automotive Parts and Service Management          
  • University of Southern Colorado
  • M/S Education Administration                                       
  •  New Mexico State University


I am fully ASE certified in nine Automotive areas, I am a NATEF evaluation team leader, I hold a B.S, Degree in automotive parts and service management, and I hold a Masters in Educational administration. I have literally thousands of hours of GM, Toyota and DiamlerChrysler training.

Courses Taught

  • ASEP-110 Shop Fundamentals & Safety
  • ASEP-120 Gm Electrical & Ignition Syst.
  • ASEP-130 GM Fuel & Emission Syst.
  • ASEP-140 GM Drivability
  • ASEP-180 GM Brake Systems
  • ASEP-190 GM Steering & Suspension
  • ASEP-280 GM Cooperative Work Education
  • ASEP-281 GM Cooperative Work Education
  • ASEP-282 GM Cooperative Work Education
  • ASEP-283 GM Cooperative Work Education
  • CAPP-110 Chrysler Shop-Fund and Safety
  • CAPP-120 Chrysler Electrical & Ignition Systerm
  • CAPP-130 Chrysler Fuel & Emission System
  • CAPP-140 Chrysler Drivability Diagnosis & Repair
  • CAPP-180 Chrysler Brake Systems
  • CAPP-190 Chrysler Steering & Suspension
  • CAPP-280 Chrysler Coop Work Experience
  • CAPP-281 Chrysler Coop Work Experience
  • CAPP-282 Chrysler Coop Work Experience
  • CAPP-283 Daim/Chrys Coop Work Experience
  • TTEN-110 Shop Fundamentals & Safety
  • TTEN-120 Electrical & Ignition System
  • TTEN-130 Fuel & Emission Systems
  • TTEN-140 Driveability
  • TTEN-150 Engines & Related Systems
  • TTEN-160 Heating & Air Conditioning
  • TTEN-180 Brake Systems
  • TTEN-190 Steering & Suspension
  • TTEN-280 Toyota Cooperative Work Educ
  • TTEN-281 Toyota Cooperative Work Educ
  • TTEN-282 Toyota Cooperative Work Educ
  • TTEN-283 Toyota Cooperative Work Educ

Bill Lewis
Bill Lewis

Kerry Meier
Kerry Meier
Automotive Technology Coordinator

Jeff Schofield
Jeff Schofield
Associate Professor

Tanya Holman
Tanya Holman
Administrative Assistant

Christopher Britt
Christopher Britt
Automotive Program Recruiter

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