Administrative Office Assistant


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Administrative Office Assistant
3.0 credits AOAP-110: Records Management
This course stresses the fundamentals of records programs to manage all phases of the records life cycle. It concentrates on those filing methods and procedures needed to ensure the effectiveness of a records system.
Prerequisites: Take (RDNG-050 or RDNG-096) and ENGL-050 or appropriate English and Reading Accuplacer scores.
Offered: FASP
3.0 credits AOAP-115: Practical Business Math Procedures
A practical business mathematics course to include the following: whole numbers, word problems, fractions, decimals, banking, percents, portion formula, trade/cash discounts, purchasing/pricing merchandise, payroll, simple interest, compound interest, present value, installment buying, revolving charge credit cards, mortgages, balance sheet, income statement, depreciation, inventory and overhead, sales/excise/property taxes, life/fire/auto insurance.
Prerequisites: Take MATH-050 or appropriate Math Accuplacer score.
Offered: ALL
3.0 credits AOAP-117: Business Communication
This course includes grammar, punctuation, and sentence fundamentals followed with writing techniques and strategies for effective oral and written communication in an office environment.
Prerequisites: Take ENGL-095 or appropriate English Accuplacer Score.
Offered: FASP
3.0 credits AOAP-118: Administrative Office I
Students will learn the importance of following the proper procedures of maintaining an efficient office required in today's technologically advanced business environment. Emphasis on the importance of punctuality, neatness/dress, and responsibility, establishing procedures for basic office tasks, learning to greet clients, make travel arrangements, answer the phone, create convention/seminar arrangements, and develop well-organized resume and job interviewing techniques.
Prerequisites: Take (RDNG-050 or RDNG-096) and ENGL-050 or appropriate Reading and English Accuplacer scores.
Offered: FASP
3.0 credits AOAP-123: Keyboarding
This course enables the student to learn and/or reinforce keyboarding skills using the computer and to work toward accuracy and speed. The course also introduces fundamental word processing functions by formatting and editing basic business documents, i.e., letters, memos, and reports.
Prerequisites: Take RDNG 096 or have appropriate Reading Accuplacer Score.
Offered: ALL
3.0 credits AOAP-130: Human and Customer Relations
Course offers specialized training to prepare students for the job and life. PowerPoint presentations on self-image, attitude adjustment, team-building, stress management, and understand yourself and your relationships will be introduced. Through the use of a variety of teaching techniques, students will discover how to provide exceptional customer service with a smile, a professional appearance and a positive attitude to avoid making the common workplace errors.
Prerequisites: Take (RDNG-050 or RDNG-096) and ENGL-050 or appropriate Reading and English Accuplacer scores.
Offered: FASP
3.0 credits AOAP-210: Word Processing
This course will introduce students to many beginning and advanced applications. Students will create and edit memos, letters, and reports of varying complexity. Students will learn to format and customize a range of document types. To enhance written communication, students will learn to add and modify graphics and other visual elements. Students will organize content into tables, lists and other structures to promote reader understanding.
Prerequisites: ENGL-095.
Offered: ALL

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