Outside Contractors

Contractors conducting any work on the premises of San Juan College and its satellite facilities will provide the Health and Safety Officer with an inventory and MSDS(s) of chemicals and/or hazardous materials being brought on the campus or its satellite facilities. Upon completion of its work, the Contractor will be responsible for removal of any chemicals and/or hazardous materials brought on campus. This requirement will be part of all contracts. The Contractor will provide a copy of their HAZCOM Plan to the San Juan College Health and Safety Officer prior to starting work. 

The Health and Safety Officer will provide the necessary information on the chemicals and/or hazardous materials to which the Contractor or their employees may be exposed while working in areas of the college where chemicals and/or hazardous material may be stored or used. A copy of the San Juan College Hazard Communication Plan will be provided to all Contractors.



Gary Lee
Director of Environmental Health
4601 College Blvd.
Farmington, NM  87401
(505) 566-3063 or (505) 566-3190