Hazard Communication Plan

A.      Chemical Inventory

  1. All work areas will keep a current and up-to-date chemical inventory of chemicals used or stored.
  2. Inventories will be updated annually, at a minimum, or more frequently if quantities or operational uses change significantly.
  3. The information will include: The name of the chemical (as it appears on the MSDS); quantity on hand; and if the MSDS is on file.  Use the inventory form in Appendix A.
  4. A copy of the current inventory from each work area will be given to the San Juan College Health and Safety Officer for incorporation into the Campus-wide chemical inventory. 

B.     Container Labels

  1. All chemicals will be stored in original containers with the manufacturer’s label attached.
  2. Small quantities intended for immediate use may be placed in a container without a label, provided the individual using the unmarked container keeps it in their possession and the product is used up during the work shift or properly disposed of at the end of the work shift.
  3. Manufacturers’ labels are to be maintained on all containers.  In the event a label becomes damaged, removed, or unreadable, the container will be labeled immediately with the contents of the container, the manufacturer’s name and address, and a statement of health effect of overexposure.  The MSDS will be used to aid in correct and complete labeling.
  4. Unmarked containers will be brought to the attention of the Supervisor or Health and Safety Officer, and may not be used. 

C.    Material Safety Data Sheets

  1. MSDS will be available to all employees during their normal working hours in their work areas and at a central location with Campus Security, Health and Safety Officer, and Central Purchasing.
  2. Whenever chemicals are ordered, whether for restocking or new procurement, the MSDS will be requested on the purchase order.
  3. The MSDS of restocked chemicals will be reviewed against MSDS on file for any information change.  If there is a change in information, the most current MSDS will be copied, filed as required, and the outdated MSDS removed and disposed.
  4. Incidental purchases will include a request for the MSDS and copies will be provided, when received, to the work area, Health and Safety Officer and the master file at Campus Security and Central Purchasing. 

D.   Employee Training

  1. Employee training will be conducted annually.
  2. New hires will be given HAZCOM training as part of their orientation and indoctrination.  Session to be available monthly.
  3. Training for Supervisors will be conducted quarterly. 
  4. Employee training will consist of but not be limited to:
    • Goals of the  Right-to-Know/Hazard Communication Standard
    • Definition of a hazardous substance.
    • Identifying hazardous substances.
    • What is a chemical inventory list?
    • How to read a Material Safety Data Sheet.
    • Appropriate work practices.
    • Emergency procedures.



Gary Lee
Director of Environmental Health
4601 College Blvd.
Farmington, NM  87401
(505) 566-3063 or (505) 566-3190