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Physical Therapist Assistant Program

Program Outcomes

Public Availability of Outcomes Information

While CAPTE (accrediting body) has always had an expectation (in the Evaluative Criteria) that programs provide current and prospective students with information about program outcomes, the CHEA standard is that we have implemented criteria or policies/procedures that require student outcomes information to be available to the public. To meet this expectation, CAPTE adopted the following:

8.19 Information Required to be Made Public

(b) Student Outcomes

(1) The program must provide the public with accurate, reliable and easily available information about student outcomes, preferably via the program's webpage. At a minimum, this information must include graduation rate, ultimate licensure exam pass rate, and employment rate, over the most recent three years, and must be updated annually at the time that the program submits its Annual Accreditation Report. These rates are as follows:

(i) Graduation rate: Per the formula required in the Annual Accreditation Report the rates are as follows:

Traditional Program

  1. Class Year 2013 – 81.8%
  2. Class Year 2012 – 81.2%
  3. Class Year 2011 – 77.8%

Expansion Program

  1. Class Year 2013 – 65%
  2. Class Year 2012 – 75.0%
  3. Class Year 2011 – 72.7%

(ii) Licensure examination pass rate: This information is consistent with the information published by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

  1. Ultimate pass rate for the graduating 2011, 2012, 2013 Traditional & Expansion cohorts – 100%
    Pass Rate for the 2013 Traditional Program – 100%
    Pass Rate for the 2013 Expansion Program – 100%

(iii) Employment rate: % of graduates who were employed as PTs or PTAs within six months of passing the licensure examination (Traditional & Expansion Programs combined)

  1. Graduating Cohorts of 2013 – 90.5%
  2. Graduating Cohorts of 2012 – 100%
  3. Graduating Cohorts of 2011 – 100%

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