Judy Hudson, PhD
Director of ECED
Office: 1628D
Phone: 566-3246

Mary Schumacher-Hoerner
ECED Instructor
Office: 1844
Phone: 566-3064

Early Childhood Education

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, the successful student will:

  1. Recognize and apply knowledge of developmental stages, processes and theories of growth, development and learning into developmentally appropriate practice.
  2. Recognize the diversity of family units and cultures and the importance of building positive reciprocal relationships with families and communities.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of developmentally appropriate content and the methods used to design/develop appropriate teaching and learning experiences for children.
  4. Create and manage safe, inclusive environments that promote children’s development and learning.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of assessment techniques, interpretation of data, and the application of assessment results to curriculum development and intervention planning
  6. Describe the early childhood profession, its multiple, historical, philosophical and social foundations, and the early childhood professional codes of ethical conduct.
  7. Recognize and model/demonstrate relationships with children and colleagues that contribute to an emotionally safe environment that promotes self-regulation and learning.

Click on the competency area link to see the specific outcomes for each competency.

  1. Child Growth and Development
  2. Health Safety and Nutrition
  3. Family and Community Collaboration
  4. Developmentally Appropriate Content
  5. Learning Environment and Curriculum Content
  6. Assessment of Children and Evaluation of Program
  7. Professionalism

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