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From the desk of
Toni Pendergrass

Toni Pendergrass

Often when the economy is struggling, many businesses and organizations tend to move their focus from attaining new customers to retaining and growing existing customer relationships. They are finding that providing a customer friendly environment is one of the most cost-effective ways to maintain profits and improve loyalty.

This is according to findings from a national Customer Service Best Practices Survey, presented by ClickFox, a pioneering leader in customer experience analytics.

More than 60 percent of the survey respondents ranked a company’s customer service reputation as “very important” in influencing their decision of where to do business. Consumers also revealed that customer service plays an even larger role than price when making purchasing decisions – especially when it comes to resolving or handling customer issues. In fact, for some industries, consumers said they are actually willing to pay more if it means getting better service.

From the first point of contact to the team behind the scenes, the Center for Workforce Training has the classes that can help employees expand their customer service skills, and in turn help businesses gain a competitive edge.

For instance, the course, Vision, Energy and Passion to Serve, focuses on the key behaviors that create a customer friendly environment. Participants will learn communication methods that will engage customers and leave them with a positive lasting impression.

Administrative assistants serve as the supervisor’s “right arm” and often the “face” of the company or department. Through the two-day training, Essential Professional Administrative Assistant Skills, students will gain skills on how to communicate with confidence, organize a well-run office, and how to achieve positive results when interacting with others.

In Role and Responsibility Charting – Teams that Work! employees will gain tools to improve team and project efficiency. They will learn how to effectively utilize the RACI Chart to foster collaboration, accountability and teamwork.

Providing quality customer service also involves knowing how to solve problems. In the highly interactive class, Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making, participants will develop the skills necessary to analyze a problem and generate creative solutions that best meet their needs.

It is vital that businesses embrace diversity and communicate effectively. Through Spanish in the Workplace, participants will gain insight of cultural nuances, which are an essential component in creating a cohesive work environment.

In addition, we also offer an array of courses that will enhance leadership or technology skills. Those who work in the energy business will find a variety of classes that are specific to the industry such as Overview of the Natural Gas Industry and Basic Electrical Theory.

These are only a few of the many classes that are available this spring. Whether you are an employee, manager or business owner, I invite you to explore all the options that are tailored to help you obtain the training you need to achieve your career goals or improve your bottom line.

Toni Pendergrass
San Juan College