Student Learning Outcomes

The graduate of the San Juan College Department of Nursing:

  1. Creates supportive relationships to provide personal, individualized, compassionate care to meet patient needs and goals. (Patient-Centered Care)
  2. Participates cooperatively within nursing and multidisciplinary teams respecting the unique and diverse expertise that team members provide. (Teamwork & Collaboration)
  3. Integrates best current evidence with clinical practice to meet individualized patient needs and organizational goals. (Evidence-Based Practice)
  4. Formulates care and process outcomes to support data driven decisions that improve the quality and safety of health care delivery. (Quality Improvement)
  5. Evaluates and mitigates risk of harm within the environment of care through organizational processes and individual performance. (Safety)
  6. Integrates technology to communicate, manage information, minimize error, and support decision making. (Informatics)
  7. Exemplifies integrity and commitment to a professional work ethic and lifelong learning. (Professional Behavior)

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