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Teacher Education
1.0 credits EDUC-101: Preparation for the NMTA
Overview of the NM Teacher Assessment, test taking strategies, and essay writing. Course sections may focus on Basic Skills, Teacher Competency, or Content Knowledge portions of NMTA. Unavailable for transfer or applicable as an elective.
Offered: FASP
1.0 credits EDUC-113: Substitute Teaching
Course covers state laws & regulations, classroom management, instructional skills, school safety, special education and cultural issues. Three hours classroom observation/class attendance required for certificate.
Offered: FASP
3.0 credits EDUC-121: Introduction to Teaching
Provides history, governance, funding of public education in the US. Covers educational theories, effective practice and teacher?s role in multicultural education with special emphasis on diversity. Classroom observation is required.
Prerequisites: Take ENGL-095 and RDNG-095 or obtain appropriate English and Reading Accuplacer Scores.
Offered: FASP
3.0 credits EDUC-131: Introduction to Special Education
Course covers identification of exceptional children, categories of disabilities, related accommodations and instructional methods. Requires time in school setting for observations and field experience.
Prerequisites: Take ENGL-095 and RDNG-095 or obtain appropriate English and Reading Accuplacer scores.
Offered: FASP

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