Teacher Education AA Degrees

Teacher Education - Elementary (AA.EDUC.ELEM) 63-64 credit hours
Teacher Education - Secondary (AA.EDUC.SEC) 62 credit hours
Teacher Education - Special Education (AA.EDUC.SPED) 60 credit hours

The Teacher Education Program provides students with a comprehensive foundational course of study between 60 - 63 credits which aligns with the local UNM and NMHU four year Degree programs in Education. The SJC Teacher Education programs provide a variety of education course electives for the AA degrees, and also strive to meet the needs of local teachers by offering courses for professional development. Special topic courses such as TESOL, Special Education, technology, and reading instruction are also offered. All three Teacher Education AA degree programs meet the criteria and program outcomes as established by the HED for common core requirements and the NMPED for teacher licensure, and are designed to transfer seamlessly to the Education Programs at the four year universities.

Teacher Education Degree Program Brochure

For more information, please call Teacher Education/Alternative Licensure at 505-566-3044. Or send an email to altlic@sanjuancollege.edu.