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Support-Rich Math and Science Courses

The Launch Program offers support for students enrolled in foundational math and science courses. These efforts are coordinated by Intervention Specialists Ashlee Begaye and Ramsi Bodine.

Launch Program Intervention Specialists work with math and science faculty to provide support-rich sections of foundational courses. Support ranges from content topics to college success strategies. Intervention Specialists maintain individual relationships with enrolled students and assist with building a broad support network including peers, family, and campus and community resources. Close tracking of student progress ensures the early identification of at-risk students and timely addressing of their needs.

Foundational Courses

CHEM 110, Introductory Chemistry
BIOL 110, Biology for Non-majors
BIOL 121, Introductory Biology I
BIOL 122, Introductory Biology II
BIOL 252, Human Anatomy and Physiology I
MATH 095, Pre-algebra
MATH 096, Introductory Algebra
MATH 115, Intermediate Algebra
MATH 170, Pre-calculus


This program is funded through a U.S. Department of Education TITLE III NASNTI grant of $1.9 million
over 5 years, and 100% grant funded for the first 2 years.

For more information, please call Angie Reimer at 505-566-3850. Or send an email to