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The Southwest Room houses the library's collection of material on all aspects of the Southwest.  The geographic focus includes all of New Mexico and Arizona, Texas west of the Pecos River, southern Utah, southern Colorado, southern Nevada, southeastern California, and northwestern Mexico.  The collection is arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification.  The following is a list of topics that can be found in the Southwest Room's circulating collection.  The Library of Congress Classification letters (the beginning of the call numbers) follow in parentheses.  The collection contains both fiction and non-fiction.  The shelves are marked by topic.

  • Agriculture (S-SK)
  • Anthropology (GN-GR)
  • Apache Indians (E99.A6)
  • Archaeology  (CC, D, and E)
  • Architecture  (NA)
  • Arizona History (F811-F820)
  • Art (N-ND)
  • Atomic Energy  (QC)
  • Biography (CT)
  • Botany (QK)
  • Colorado Plateau  (F788)
  • Economics  (HB-HC)
  • Education (LA-LC)
  • Farmington History (F 802 .S18)
  • Geography  (G-GF)
  • Geology  (QE)
  • Hopi Indians  (E99.H7)
  • Indian History  (E98)
  • Indian Wars (E98) (check)
  • Language (PC-PM)
  • Literature (PQ-PZ)
  • Medicine (R-RS)
  • Mexican History  (F1213-F1346)
  • Natural History  (QH)
  • Navajo Indians  (E99.N3)
  • New Mexico History (F791-F805)
  • Photography (TR)
  • Political Science and Law (JK-KKT)
  • Pueblo Indians (E99.P9)
  • Religion (AC-BX)
  • San Juan County History (F 802 .S18)
  • Social Science  (GV-HV)
  • Southwestern Indians (E78)
  • Southwestern History  (E123-F7876)
  • Southwestern Literature  (PN-PZ)
  • Technology  (TC-TN)
  • Ute Indians  (E99.U8)
  • Zuni Indians  (E99.Z9)
  • Zoology (QL)

Special Collections in the Locked Case

There is a wide range of older and rare Southwestern resources stored in the locked case in the Southwest Room. An I.D. card is required for patrons to be able to view these materials.  Library staff are happy to assist patrons with this collection. The following is a selected list of resources in the Locked Case:

Reports of the Smithsonian Institution, the United States National Museum, and the Bureau of American Ethnology:
These contain reports conducted by archaeologists, anthropologists, and other scholars.  They are a good resource for information about Southwestern native peoples and archaeological sites.

  • Bureau of American Ethnology Annual Reports and Bulletins (ca. 1879-1925)
  • Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution (ca. 1896-1964)
  • Annual Report of the United States National Museum (ca. 1888-1964)


New Mexico Historical Review (1926-1962)

Rare Books:
Older and rare books on Southwestern Indian history and culture, Spanish exploration and history, literature, and natural history.

Legal Materials:
Older legal materials, including the Spanish and territorial periods.

Southwest Reference Collection

The Southwest Reference Collection is available for use in the library.  It contains materials on the same topics described above.   The following is a list of selected resources in the Southwest Reference Collection.


  • Papers of the Archaeology Society of New Mexico
  • Archaeological reports on Chaco Canyon, Black Mesa, AZ, and other southwest archaeological sites.


  • Specialized atlases for the region and its tribal lands

Business Directories

  • Directories for New Mexico and the Farmington Area

Environmental Impact Statements (EIS)

  • Animas-La Plata Project
  • Navajo Mine and Four Corners Power Plant


  • Historical dictionaries
  • Guides to archival and manuscript collections in the Southwest
  • San Juan College annual reports and course catalogs
  • Pamphlet collection, which includes local and other Southwest history.

Law and Legislation

  • Navajo Code: The latest code is in the Southwest Room.  Previous codes are shelved in the Law Collection.
  • Navajo Reporter (court cases)
  • New Mexico Blue Books (from 1922-1923).  These contain material on New Mexico government.
  • New Mexico Register


  • Bibliographies on Southwest literature.


  • Census and statistical abstracts from New Mexico

Southwest Indian Tribes

  • Bibliographies on the Hopi and Navajo people.
  • Navajo dictionaries and other linguistic materials.

Southwest Literature

The following are some of the writers represented in the literature section in the Southwest Room.

Edward Abbey Tony Hillerman Jake Page
Paula Gunn Allen Paul Horgan Dorothy Pillsbury
Mary Austin Oliver LaFarge Leslie Marmon Silko
Rudolfo Anaya Louis L'Amour Luci Tapahonso
Nevada Barr Evelina Zuni Lucero Aimée & David Thurlo
Esther Belin Cormac McCarthy Laura Tohe
A. A. Carr Michael McGarrity Sabine Ulibarri
J. Frank Dobie N. Scott Momaday Judith Van Gieson
Larry Evers Irvin Morris Anna Lee Walters
Nia Francisco John Nichols Frank Waters
Joy Harjo Simon Ortiz Ofelia Zepeda

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Journal Articles

Electronic Databases

Ethnic News Watch
This database contains full-text news articles on ethnic groups worldwide.  It includes articles from the Navajo Times and Indian Country Today, as well as other tribal papers.  It also provides access to articles in Spanish.

Print Journals in the San Juan College Library Collection

Some of the titles listed below provide exclusive coverage of the Southwest.  Others include Southwest topics as part of more general coverage.  If you need a title not listed below, please check with the Reference Librarian for assistance with InterLibrary Loan.


Subject Title Paper Bound Fiche Location
ANTH  American Anthropologist Dec 97- 98 + 1954-71 1972-99 SJC
ANTH  American Ethnologist Feb 2000 + 1974-99 ---- SJC
ANTH  Current Anthropology Feb 2000 + 1960-99 ---- SJC
ANTH  Human Ecology 1991-96, 97, 2000 + 1986-89, 98-99 ---- SJC
ANTH  Plateau Journal Vol. 52-54, 65+ Vol. 33-42,83-93, 97-99 ---- SJC
ARCH Archaeology Feb 2000 + 1989-90, 92-94, 96-98 --- SJC
ARCH Awanyu ---- 1974-75 --- SJC
ARCH Journal of Field Archaeology Sum 91, 99 + 1983-90, 92-98 --- SJC
ARCH Kiva Fall 1999 + 1953-58, 63-99 --- SJC
ARCH SAA Bulletin Jan 1994 + ----- --- SJC
ART American Indian Art 199+ [1982-92], 1994-97 --- SJC
ART American Indian Art Spr 1996 + ----- --- SJCWest
ART Palacio, El [1983], 1999 + 1959-64, 74-99] --- SJC
ART Southwest Art Jul 1987 + ----- --- SJC
ETHN  Hispanic Jan 1994 + ----- --- SJC
ETHN  La Herencia del Norte Fall 2000*  ----- --- SJC
ETHN  Native Americas Fall 2000*  ----- --- SJC
ETHN  Native Peoples Fall 1999 + 1993-95, 97-99 --- SJC
ETHN  Latina Fall 2000* ----- --- SJC
HIST American Indian Culture & Research Jrnl 1999 + 1974-86, 1996-99 --- SJC
HIST American Indian Quarterly 1985, [90-91], 2000 + 1986-89, 96-98 --- SJC
HIST Beehive History 1982-98 ----- --- SJC
HIST Colorado Heritage Magazine 1999 + [1985-98] --- SJC
HIST Colorado History Now Nov 1997 + ----- --- SJC
HIST Currents: News of the Utah State Hist. Soc Feb 1999 + ----- --- SJC
HIST Essays & Monographs in Colorado History  1983-94 ----- --- SJC
HIST New Mexico Historical Review Jan 2000 + 1926-66, 68-99 --- SJC
SW Room
HIST New Mexico Naturalist's Notes Mar 98 & Dec 98 ----- --- SJC
HIST Red River Valley Historical Review ----- 1974-75, 78-79 --- workroom
HIST Utah Historical Quarterly  Wtr 2000 + 1982-99 --- SJC
HIST Utah Preservation 1999 + ----- --- SJC
HIST Utah State Hist. Soc. News. (See Currents) 1996-97 ----- --- SJC
HIST Western Historical Quarterly Spr 2000 + 1971, 74-75, 82-99 --- SJC
LAW LAW New Mexico Law Review  1996, Jan 99 +  ----- --- SJC
LIBR American Indian Libraries Newsletter [1996], 97-99, 2000+ ----- --- SJC
LIBR Books of the Southwest  1999 (Vol 43 #1) + ----- ---- workroom
LIT Southwest Review Win 1994 +  ----- --- SJC
LIT Studies in American Indian Literatures Fall 2000*  ----- --- SJC
SW Adobe Journal (Traditions Southwest) Fa 89-Win 97 ----- --- SJC
SW American Cowboy  Fall 2000* ------ --- SJC
SW Arizona & The West (Jrl of the Southwest)  1959-1986 ------ --- SJC
SW Arizona Highways  Jan 2000 + [1965-71], 1973-99 --- SJC
SW Arizona Highways  Jan 1999 + ------ --- SJCWest
SW Canon Journal  ----- 1995-96 --- SJC
SW Dine Be' lina Journal of Navajo Life ----- 1987-88, 90 --- SJC
SW Journal of the Southwest Spr 2000 + 1987-99 --- SJC
SW New Mexico Architecture ----- 1970-91 --- SJC
SW New Mexico Magazine Jan 2000 + 1961-99 --- SJC
SW New Mexico Magazine Jan 1999 + ----- --- SJCWest
SW Pottery Southwest 1974 + ----- --- SW Lockcase
SW Santa Fean  Jan 2000 + ----- --- SJC
ZOO New Mexico Wildlife Jan 1985 + ----- --- SJC
ZOO Southwestern Naturalist  Mar 2000 + 1969-94, 96-99 --- SJC

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Other Libraries

Salmon Ruins Library
Salmon Ruins is located at 6131 US Hwy 64 in Bloomfield, NM.   The collection is particularly strong in the area of archaeology and is cataloged in the San Juan College Library Catalog.  For further information, call:  505-632-2013

Other College & University Libraries with Southwest Collections
The following is a list of links to selected libraries with strong Southwest collections. If you find material you are interested in, see the SJC Reference Librarian about Inter-Library Loan.

Arizona State University

Fort Lewis College

New Mexico State Library

New Mexico State University

Diné College 

Northern Arizona University

University of Arizona

University of Colorado

University of New Mexico

University of Utah

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Web Sites

Anthropology Resources on the Internet
Created by the American Anthropological Association
For information on Southwestern archaeology, click here.

Catalog of SW Arch Sites

Center for Southwest Research
Library and research center at the University of New Mexico

Fort Lewis Center for Southwest Studies

Handbook of Texas Online

Includes historical material on the Southwest, including Spanish exploration.

Interactive Santa Fe Trail

Maps of the Pimeria: Early Cartography of the Southwest

Online exhibit of historical maps.
A list of Native American sites and the home of the American Indian Library Association Web Page

Online Archive of New Mexico

Southwestern Archaeology Inc.
Information about the archaeology of the Greater Southwest.  links to additional sites coming soon

Southwestern Classics Online

Includes digitized versions of classic southwestern history and literature.

Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest, by J. Frank Dobie (1888-1964)

Offers bibliographical listings of materials on the American southwest, including the Indian culture, how the early settlers lived, women pioneers, pioneer doctors, range life, Negro folk songs and tales, and the Santa Fe Trail, among others.

Southwest Economy

Information on the economy of Texas and New Mexico provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.  Dates from 1995.

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