General Information 

Do what is necessary to protect life.  Remain Calm.  The MSDS for the chemical will contain special first aid information.  The Poison Control Center may be contacted at (800) 432-6866. 

Do not move an injured person unless they are in further danger.  A blanket should be used immediately to protect the victim from shock and exposure. 

Get medical attention promptly by calling:

  • 911
  • Poison Information Center (800) 432-6866 

For specific instruction regarding personal contamination, contact your Lab Supervisor, Lead Instructor, or OHS.


Chemicals Spilled Over a Large Area of the Body 

Quickly remove all contaminated clothing while using the safety shower or other available source of water.  Immediately flood the affected body area in cold water for at least 15 minutes.  Wash off chemical with water but do not use neutralizing chemicals, unguents, creams, lotions, or salves. 



Chemicals on the Skin in Confined Areas 

Immediately flush with cold water.  If there is no visible burn, scrub area with warm water and soap.  Remove all jewelry to facilitate removal of any residual material. 

If a delayed action is noted (often the next day), report immediately for medical attention and explain carefully what chemicals were involved. 

NOTE: If the incident involves HF (Hydrofluoric acid), seek IMMEDIATE medical attention. 

If there is any doubt, seek immediate medical attention. 


Chemicals in the Eyes 

Irrigate with plenty of cool water for at least 15 minutes.  Simultaneously, check for and remove contact lenses. 

Get medical attention promptly.


Smoke and Fumes 

Anyone overcome with smoke or chemical fumes should be removed to uncontaminated air and treated for shock.  If certified, follow standard CPR protocols.  Get medical attention promptly.

Do not enter the area if a life threatening condition still exists, such as the presence of: 

  • oxygen depletion
  • explosive vapors
  • cyanide gas, hydrogen sulfide
  • nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide


Burning Clothing 

Extinguish burning clothing by dousing with cold water, emergency shower, fire blanket or the drop-and-roll technique.  Remove contaminated clothing.  If possible, send clothing with the victim.  Wrap injured person to prevent shock. 

Get medical attention promptly.


Ingestion (Swallowing)of Hazardous Chemicals 

Identify the chemical ingested and Call 911.  Wrap injured person to prevent shock. 

Provide the ambulance crew and physician with the chemical name, MSDS, and any other relevant information.


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