Scheduling Services

Academic Room/Laptop Cart Scheduling

Academic Scheduling is the process by which all classrooms, science labs, computer labs and laptop carts are scheduled. During initial schedule building all sections are assigned classrooms. If you determine this classroom will not meet your instructional needs, you will need to complete a Classroom Change Request Form, provided below. If you need to request the special use of a classroom, lab or laptop cart, you will need to complete the appropriate request form below. All classrooms, labs and laptop carts are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note that laptop carts require a minimum of one hour of down time between uses for charging. Additionally, any usage that requires the carts for more than an hour and a half will require the computers to be "hard-wired" instead of being allowed to operate on a battery alone. Hard-wiring is currently not available for classes in the 1300 classrooms and is not recommended for 1200 classrooms.

Event/Conference Scheduling

If you are an instructor or SJC employee and need to schedule a College meeting or event, you may do so using our Internal Facility Request Form.  This form is REQUIRED for any event which requires special setup such as those utilizing conference rooms or requiring media services.  Please complete this form as thoroughly as possible to ensure that all of your event's needs are fulfilled.  Once the document is received, the room will be scheduled and you will be sent back a confirmed/approved copy.  If you have any questions, please call Alana Vanden Broeck at (505) 566-3296.

Classroom Change Requests

Classroom changes after the start of the term require justification for the change and the approval of the appropriate school dean.  Below are the procedures and paperwork required for the change.

Schedule Development Resources

FALL 2014

  • Schedule Development Process Timeline This timeline will be utilized throughout campus to guide the schedule building process for the Fall 2014 term.
  • Standard Start Dates Matrix This document identifies standard start dates for the Fall 2014 semester and includes pertinent dates for data entry of sections whose dates meet these standards.


  • Add/Drop Periods Calculation Chart-  This chart may be utilized to identify key add/drop dates for individual course sections offered.
  • Standard Course Lengths by Term Type Chart- This chart will help to identify what course length options exist for each term type as well as instructional start/stop dates within those terms.
  • Refund Charts- This will link you to the page on our website that includes information on refund amounts vs. drop dates within the semester.
  • Designated Start Times- This document indicates designated start times for Fall and Spring terms by the number of credits offered.

Contact Information

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Hargrove
Academic Scheduler
San Juan College, Office for Learning
505-566-3231 Ph
505-566-3521 Fax