If you discover a fire or fire-related emergency, such as abnormal heating of material, hazardous gas leaks, significant hazardous material or flammable liquid spill, smoke, or odor of burning, immediately follow these procedures: 

Activate the building alarm if possible (fire pull station); if not available or operational, verbally notify persons in the building. 

Notify the Fire Dept. (Dial 911) from a safe location.

Then notify Safety & Security (-3333) if possible. 

Isolate the area and evacuate the building: 

-        Shut down equipment in the immediate area (if possible). Call Physical Plant (-3285) for assistance.

-        Close doors to isolate the area.

 -        Use a portable fire extinguisher to:  assist oneself or another to evacuate, or control a small fire, if possible. 

Identify yourself as the person who notified the Fire Dept. and provide the fire or police teams with the details of the problem upon their arrival.  Special hazard information you may know is essential.  If the fire alarms are ringing in your building

·        evacuate the building, and stay out until notified otherwise.

·        move away from the building to a designated area.

·        stay clear of driveways, sidewalks and other means of access to the building. 

If you are a supervisor, account for your employees and report any missing persons to the emergency personnel at the scene. 

Assist emergency personnel as may be requested. 

Do not reenter the building until directed to do so.  Follow any special procedures established for your unit. 


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